Thursday, November 22, 2018

Ellie Claire Art Journals *Reviews

I was blessed with the opportunity to review three beautiful art journals, just in time to share with you for the holiday season.

Each of these art journals give opportunity to grow in your lettering as well as your artistic expressions.

The first one is the Illuminate Your Story Journal. I have had a renewed interest in the illuminated manuscript from hundreds of years ago. I have purchased a Bible and a book of Psalms all in this traditional style. Illuminated manuscript is when gold or silver leaf decorates the script, giving the text a very detailed look. This text was common in the medieval times.

With this journal, you can hone your own skills on working with this amazing concept.
The beginning of the journal gives a bit of history as to how the Illustrated manuscript has changed over the course of history, showing an example and giving some back ground.
The journal then gives a step by step, both visual and written instructions on how to draw the alphabet in illuminated manuscript.

Each letter gives two different designs to follow. After each letter is also a page for journal writing. This journal blends so easily, the artistic nature of designing script, but also gives opportunity to share thoughts and free form writing. The journal pages each have a quote from a well known hero of the faith, or a scripture verse. I love that even though the focus is on writing and designing letters, that the Word of God is still proclaimed.

The back of the book has an envelope labeled for Keepsakes where you can tuck in some more of your letter manuscripts or notes you may want to save for later.

This book works great for boys or girls. I love this book! I have a son who graduated with a graphic design degree, and I think he will love it too. I am planning to save this for him as a gift, because I really think it will help expand his horizons in fonts.

The next journal, the Faith and Lettering Journal is a beautiful cloth bound journal, perfect for gift giving and heirlooms. I am sure you have heard of Bible journaling, from my blog and so many others. It is where you illustrated and note in the Word, additional things that God may be speaking to you and use fun lettering to design the sides. This new journal by Krystal Whitten combines her love of lettering with faith. The journal includes direction for trying a variety of lettering. Interspersed through out the different fonts though are blank pages.

Some lines, some with a small detail in the corner, and some unlined. These are your blank journal pages to utilize what you have learned and to expand your Bible journaling. Bibles only give you a narrow edge to journal in, even with a Bible specific for journaling. This notebook is a great way to do the same thing, but in a journal rather than the Bible.

This journal lends itself well for a young teen all the way through adult woman. It has a ''girly' flare to it that I would gift if for a woman. My 14 year old daughter loves to Bible Journal, and use some of the stickers and print outs we buy to decorate pages of scripture. This book is perfect to go along with this blessed hobby.

The last journal is The Illustrated Word, An Illuminated Bible Coloring Journal. There again we have the illuminated manuscript, which I love! This one would make a lovely gift for a male or female, as it is neutral in colors. A beautiful cloth book!
This journal has 40 beautifully illustrated drawings from the ancient days. It then has a basic line drawing for you to color on your own, to recreate the ancient art. These pages are thick, and utilize high quality paper. You can easily use markers, crayons, and pencils to work in this book.

Interspersed through out the coloring opportunities are journaling pages. Again, I love how Ellie Claire products are combining art and writing together in one book. A perfect mix for me!
The illustrations in this text are from the archives of the Museum of the Bible, making this a real treasure. This one I am keeping for myself. To use along with my illuminated Bible, and to focus on how the monks worked tirelessly on keeping the scriptures alive. What a treasure this book would be to anyone you gift it to.

The Ellie Claire art journals are published  through Worthy Publishing Group. They can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Christian Books.

I received a copy of these journals and have written a fair review based on my personal opinions.

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