Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors *Review

Thin Stix by KwikStix

If we could incorporate arts and crafts into every part of our day, we would!! I love doing reviews for art products and have found a unique product from the The Pencil Grip, Inc. 
that finally my 2 year old can participate with, the Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors
These are a solid tube of non toxic tempera paint. They look much like a marker on the outside, but the inside is more like a dry crayon. I didn't even know paint could be in a solid form like this!

I do enjoy getting water color paints out for my 2 year old, but she has to do it with much more supervision and protective measures (for my table and floor), that when she was able to use the Thin Stix. The older kids get to paint often, they are big into using easels and watching videos and painting shows. My little one is always disappointed that she can't paint like the big kids. I chose to let her be the sole user of the Thin Stix and she was thrilled that they were 'her paint'.

The classic colors are perfect for her and the learning she is doing with basic colors. She can not only use them for fun art projects, because she is so young we can utilize them for color matching and coloring worksheets as well.

We weren't sure at first just how 'messy' they would be so we took her outside and put up paper for her to do her artistry.

These are a great size for her little hands. I like how they are thin, and she can begin being trained in how to hold pencils. She is actually into making smaller details when she draws, so the thinness of the Thin Stix was helpful for her to 'write' her list she was making.
The caps are easy for her to get off and on herself, making her feel a little more self sufficient in her creating. She also can spin the bottom dial to get the Thin Stix to roll our more paint. This was one thing she needed monitored with as she would try to roll it all of the way out! No problem though, we just rolled it back down.

There was no worry of mess once we got started. The paint dries within 90 seconds. There was no smearing, no mess, no paint all over her hands or clothes.

Once we tested out the No Mess theory, and were successful, we let her go to it on creating inside! What a huge blessing for this sweet darling to be able to just sit and paint like her older siblings.

The Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors was perfect for my toddler. She had no mess, no trouble using them, and was able to easily put them back in their box for later use. The Pencil Grip, Inc., also sells these in 12 and 24 packs. They also have metallic and neon colors. My older kids have been chomping at the bit to try these Thin Stix. I wanted these to be special for my toddler, but I am planning to purchase the larger set for the older kids to use. This is a product all homeschoolers should have in their art supplies.

The Pencil Grip, Inc

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Homeschool Rescue *Review

Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue

I have actually been homeschooling for over 14 years now. That is so hard to believe. I have not in any sense 'arrived'. Only Passionate Curiosity designed an online course called Homeschool Rescue
that I was able to review, just as I was starting to pull my hair out... again.

I may be graduating my third son this week, but I still have 4 more to go, and I truly needed to take a look at our homeschool as we approach this next season.

Homeschool Rescue is a 60 day ecourse, but don't let the time mention scare you away. You have unlimited access for life and can take this course at your own pace. Heather even graciously sent out an email reminding us of this, that you are not behind! Already feeling overwhelmed with school, you don't need to feel overwhelmed with getting help. This is at your own pace, but you should be able to get through a lesson each week. There are 20 lessons total, divided up into 5 modules.

Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue

The course first takes a look at your homeschool and trouble shoot what may need tweaking. Each lesson provides a printable worksheet to evaluate your school with. Each worksheet helps you put into practice what you just heard through the video. It helped me set aside my actual goals for our school. Having that in hand written, gave me the freedom to plan according to each child, rather than compare to other homeschoolers or even the public schools and what they are doing. Often times, their goals are not the same as mine.
Heather takes a hard truth revealing look at ourselves as well. Shut off those phones, set aside the distractions that make the teacher unavailable like they should be. That part really spoke truth into my day.

For me the time management portion was very helpful. With home educating 5 children at once, I do tend to get overwhelmed and there are always kids who fly under the radar. Simple things like not scheduling appointments during the morning of a school day because you know full well you won't get to it in the afternoon. Don't let people take advantage of your time, thinking you have more because you are homeschooling. It is ok to say No to things.

Module 3 addresses curriculum and organizing your school supplies and space. That is a must for me! Again a module that really addresses the heart of the school. With having many children, they each have a different learning style that I need to take in account when choosing curriculum. Heather does have a bonus lesson in module 1 that address learning styles.

Module 4 looks at self esteem, how to encourage kids to get their work done, incentives and consequences. It also takes a look at following through, which is something I falter in. I just get 'tired' and it is easier to quit. The encouragement in this ecourse is the best I have found!

The last module tackles those teens. Getting them to work independently and learn time management skills. I have one going into high school this year, and though I have three already done, I do feel like we can be refreshed in starting with my 4th son because of going through this course.

In addition to the course there is the opportunity to be a part of a facebook group with other moms going through the same program. Encouragement and like mindedness multiplied as you work your way through the lessons and homework. Advice, encouragement, and maybe even friendships.

This type of course should be utilized by homeschool groups. I have not in my 14 years of educating, seen anything like this for helping the homeschool parents to evaluate their school, and grow in ways they should be.

I have not gotten through the entire course, I have had to give myself grace as we gear up for a graduation and party to follow. But I do know I will be finishing the entire course before we start back up with school this summer. I want to be the very best teacher I can for these 4 students left at home, and Heather has been such a blessing in motivating me to do that.

Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue

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Homeschool Rescue {Only Passionate Curiosity Reviews}

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Woman's Study Bible NKJV *Review

The NKJV Woman's Study Bible  published by Thomas Nelson

This study Bible has a beautiful cloth cover, that just shouts Woman's Study Bible. I don't think I have seen such a gorgeous cover on a Bible. I got plenty of complements when I took it to church. The Bible has been redesigned in full color, and the interior is just as gorgeous at the exterior. You can also get this in leather or hardback with a slightly different cover design.

This in-depth Bible, along with a notebook and pencil is all you need for a rich study of the Word of God. Packed from edge to edge with pertinent information to add to the study of the scriptures.

Each book gives a background page of the author, audience, themes of the writing and a complete outline.

Study notes at the bottom include additional scripture references, Hebrew meanings, and further explanation of the passages. Of course, these are meant for study and discernment, not to be interpreted as scripture.

Quotes and spiritual insights from over 80 esteemed Christian women, sprinkled throughout the text.

The character studies of the women of the Bible are excellent. Some women I hadn’t even given much thought to, are brought out and explored a little more in depth. Topics of interest to women are also scattered throughout the text.

Graphs and maps add to the excitement of learning. There are also topics of interest for women included throughout the Bible

Appendix with index, concordance and maps help give additional reference for your studies.
Very thorough look at God's Word, with a focus of drawing out specific references to women as well as sharing more information on the women from the Word.

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