Friday, October 31, 2014

snoozies! Cozy Little Foot Coverings and More *Review #giftguide2014

Kick off those shoes and get ready to relax with snoozies!® foot coverings!

snoozies!® is the perfect solution to chilly feet year round.  A cross between a sock and slipper, not only do snoozies!® keep feet warm and comfortable with an amazingly soft Sherpa fleece inside, but remain flexible and light with non-slip bottoms and brushed fleece exteriors.  Featuring a wide variety of designs, patterns and colors, snoozies!® make the perfect holiday gift and are made for comfortable wearing while padding around the house, settling in with a good book, baking holiday treats or just kicking up those feet. 

All snoozies!® are warm, comfy and simply adorable!  Fully machine washable and shrink-proof, they are perfect for taking on-the-go in the car, while sitting at a desk in a chilly office, or stepping out to get the mail.  Plus, snoozies!® are also available in men’s, tweens and baby sizes so that every member of the family can keep those chilly feet warm.

These slippers are so incredibly warm! I love how they are moldable to your feet like socks, rather than being hard like shoes. They have great grip on the bottom though, so that you aren't slipping and sliding around the house. Great traction.

My daughter got to review the snoozies and I was so jealous! These are probably the most comfy slippers I have seen! Super light weight, they fit fantastically! Machine washable.

Under $15 a pair!

Great for your holiday gift giving. You can get them in baby/toddler, kids, tweens, mens and womens. Great for the entire family!

Snoozies are available for purchase at Hallmark stores and other select fine gift retailers
throughout USA and the World.

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Andre' Lorent PRO Makeup Brush *Review #giftguide2014

(From the website)

  • ELEGANT 5 PIECE PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP BRUSH SET – All brushes are 100% cruelty-free, made with the highest quality of synthetic hair which is much more hygienic and more durable than natural hair brushes.

  • THESE ARE THE TOP 5 MAKEUP BRUSHES EVERY GIRL NEEDS! We got you covered! We made sure our 5-piece set includes every brush you’ll need on a day-to-day basis. Here’s what you get: Foundation Brush + Powder/Blush Brush + Angled Liner Brush + Eyeshadow Brush and Lip Brush along with designer case.

  • SLEEK WHITE CARRYING CASE – The brushes come in a durable, sleek white carrying case for ease when you travel and it also looks beautiful on your countertop.

  • TOP QUALITY BRUSHES – QUALITY, DESIGN AND LONG LASTING! See why customers give us 5-star reviews on Amazon and love our makeup brush set! Our brushes utilize LuxeFiberTM which is a high-quality synthetic fiber. This results in longer lasting brushes. Reduces falling out fibers. Smoother makeup application. A better experience overall! LuxeFiberTM is hygienic, cruelty-free and vegan.

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We guarantee you will LOVE the Andre Lorent Makeup Brush Set, or we’ll give you your money back.

  • So what is not to love about these outstanding make up brushes! Truly each one is a unique brush, utilized for a specific purpose. I have utilized the Eye Shadow and Lip Brush the most so far. I love the Foundation brush as well for my loose mineral make up. I tend toward healthier make up in loose mineral form, and these brushes are a must for application.

    I have used other make up brushes in the past, where you get parts of the bristle on your face with each application. No thanks! The Andre' Lorent PRO are used by the PROs for a reason. They are long lasting, high quality make up brushes that you have the luxury of using for yourself.
    At $27.95 these make a great holiday gift for the special lady in your life!

    Check out Andre' Lorent on Facebook and be sure to check out some of their other great skin care products!

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    Bag Beam clip on Light *Review #giftguide2014

    It is that time of year when most of us are struggling to get into the house at night because it gets dark so early. I don't always plan ahead to have the porch light on, as I just can't get used to it getting dark before dinner time! I struggle to find my house keys, then struggle to fit it into the lock to the house.
    Or even for the car to get out and go somewhere. I have tried to use my cell phone light, but guess where the cell phone is?? In the depth of the purse as well.

    This is where Bag Beam comes in handy. With the magnetic clip, I can hook it right on my purse for easy access. It is readily available to shine into the depth of any size hand bag, showing you easily where your car keys, lipstick, or tissues are hiding.

    The Bag Beam includes three lights in one. It has a search light that will stay on for 30 seconds and automatically shut off. It has emergency flashers that will flash off and on continually. Lastly you can use it as a flashlight simply by pressing and holding the on switch for 2 seconds. This will keep your light on until you turn it off.

    Provides up to 35 hours of continuous use with a super bright dual LED light.
    What a great safety devise for women! An excellent holiday gift idea. For $16 you can rest assured that you have a light at your fingertips.

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