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Exploring Ephesus the City of Apostles *Review Review has Christian movies that inspire and entertain! I  love safe places to shop for valuable movies that I know my family can enjoy together.
I chose  Exploring Ephesus to share with my older kids and hubby. We so enjoy seeing the sites of where people from the Bible walked and ministered. Review

Dr. Mark Wilson (author of Biblical Turkey) and Dr. Andy Jackson meet up in modern day Turkey. They start in Biblical Smyrna, now modern day Izmir. Turkey is where much of the New Testament took place and it is often referred to as "the other Holy Land". Many of Paul's mission trips were to Turkey and many of his letters were written to or from those in Turkey. This is the hub of where it all took place. I love how we can see the countryside as they travel to Ephesus where Paul spent 3 years of his ministry.
They map for us the trips that Paul took, showing some of the ways he would have traveled and the other towns he went through.
There was much pagan worship in the area and the Dr's show us some of the buildings were they celebrated Emperor worship. Greeks idolized their emperors as they were living, where the Romans only did upon their death. Both obviously being pagan and idolatry. Artemis was a big idol in Ephesus as well, with many temples built.There was a column that celebrated both of these cults, Artemis and the Imperial Worship.

2 million people come and visit Ephesus today! It really was a beautifully done historical site. I wish they would have spent more time pointing out more of the various building, but that would be more like going on a Biblical Tour to Turkey. This show really encouraged me to consider doing that. I love having history come to life like this for me and the kids.

They showed one cave that had drawings of what appeared to be Paul. I found that to be really awesome!

The film did provide a variety of places and structures. I really enjoyed having them pick out Bible scriptures that were depicting some of the area at the time, and writing to the people who lived there.

I really enjoyed the visit to Patmos, the island where John got the book of Revelation. It was much more crowded than I had pictured it. Of course over time it has become quite the tourist paradise.

Bonus features include:
The Book of Ephesians
The Seven Churches
Lessons for Today
Music Video

Each some additional information with both of the men discussing the topics while in Ephesus. The music video includes some scenes from the  movie plus additional scenes set to instrumental music.

There were some small subtitles on some of the shots. I struggled to see them as they were white font and made it hard to see. I saw them better on my computer than I did on the TV. I would recommend those being black for ease in reading in the amount of time we have.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Lewis & Clark Unit Study from Homeschool Legacy *Review

Homeschool Legacy Review

 Homeschool Legacy is a fantastic resource for for Once-a-Week Unit Studies.
Grade 2-12 all in one group! One of the great things we love about unit studies is that I can do it with the team. I used this with my 1st, 4th and 7th grader and it was a perfect combination. We could have easily added in the 10th grader but we decided to keep it focused just on the younger ones.

Homeschool Legacy Review
We were given the digital version of  Lewis & Clark: From Sea to Shining Sea
I went ahead and had it all printed out and clipped together for my ease. You wouldn't have to print everything out if you didn't want to, but it really is easier for me than having to be right by a computer. There are some hyper links within the study that you can click on to get more information on certain topics that you are discussing.
The study is 7 weeks in length. The other unit studies vary in length from 4 weeks for a micro study to 8 weeks.
Homeschool Legacy Review

The unit study is designed for using once a week. You choose one day a week to cease your normal curriculum and utilize the unit study. There are some read alouds or reading that you can do each day if you like. There is also the option for a field trip style activity that you would do on a different day.
We varied on what day we used, either Tuesday or Thursday. We would go to the library early in the week and look for books from the list given. We found a hand full of the books, but more often than not we just searched and found some similar in nature. We chose not to do a big chapter book read aloud with this unit study as I wanted to keep the kids attention, and they tend to get bogged down with non fiction style books. We will be choosing who to read a biography on however at the end of the complete study. The recommended books easily fill the 2nd-12th grade age range. We picked up a few picture books for the youngest, and some more advanced ones for the oldest.

I also used the time in the early part of the week to pick up supplies for our art and craft portion. This is typically my kids favorite part so a must. We live in a small town and I wasn't able to find plaster of paris so we revised the activity that required that. That is another thing about unit studies I love is the flexibility in changing things and adding to what is there is you desire to learn more on a specific topic.

Everything you need to teach is in the study guide. You won't have to research any thing, nor have experience in the subject. Once I picked up the books and supplies we were set.

Lewis & Clark From Sea to Shining Sea weeks are as follows:

1. New France
2. Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Louisiana Purchase
3. Fixing for a Start
4. Sacagawea Joins the Corps
5. Trails and Tribulations
6. Ocean in View! Oh What Joy!
7. Homeward Bound

Each unit included:
Family Devotions
Arts & Crafts

Others had Architecture, Geography, Math and even Cooking!

Check out our Crawfish Etouffee, which we used shrimp for. Just a few weeks later and we could have used real crawfish from our river. (I personally liked the ease of the shrimp!)

 With rice for the kids

 With Quinoa for Mom and Dad

The first week we made a journal to be used throughout the study, much like Lewis and Clark did on
 their explore. This was really fun! They used it weekly to add to it. Drawings of things like beavers, Seaman (Lewis and Clark's dog), plant life, crawfish and more.

This Unit Study helped my kids get in the exploring mood! We even had them go on a kayak ride and pretend it was a Keel boat used on the adventure.

Learning about the variety of plants was fun as well. We didn't even have to leave our own property for them to collect and display a collection of 24 samples. They took their backpacks out and went on an adventure, even taking a little pup tent with them!

I had previously reviewed the Horsing Around Unit Study and loved that. This is the second one we have done and I can't say enough good things about it.
Just a few of the things I love about Homeschool Legacy

1. Biblically Based and focused
2. Only once a week so we don't miss out on our other studies
3. Geared for a variety of ages
4. Complete in that I don't have to do any additional research
5. Hands on learning for History and Science
6. Economical

I am considering adding these to our line up for next fall, especially some of the history ones. It has really helped make history come alive for us and given the kids and myself more of an interest.

View a sample week of our study on Lewis & Clark.

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Homeschool Legacy Review

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