Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fireflies: A Writer's Notebook *Review

It used to be that we wrote down everything. Before computers and phones that text, snail mail, hand-written cards and letters, notebooks for doodling and written to-do lists reigned supreme. I used to journal from a young age and still have several of those journals to look over now. Modern technology is great and convenient, but nothing is as precious as the written word.
 Award-winning author and child advocate Coleen Murtagh Paratore has created a vibrant and encouraging writer’s journal, FIREFLIES: A Writer’s Notebook, that offers inspirational quotes, fun prompts, and plenty of blank space for our student’s to capture their thoughts, showcase their ideas, and combat writer’s block.
I want my daughter to have the same fun of looking over her own writings and thoughts when she is older. The Fireflies book is a fun way to catch those sparks of ideas and get them written down. It includes blank pages, lined pages, and even pages with idea starters. Use the journal however you want. Use pencil, pen, colored markers.. draw pictures, use calligraphy, or write your thoughts in rhyme. A book to call your own, to explore the written word.
Perfect for writers of all ages!
  • Open, inviting pages designed to encourage the free flow of thought
  • Tips to improve craft and inspirational quotes to unlock hidden stories
  • Creative prompts meant to combat writer's block and offer fresh ideas
  • A private space for every writer to explore their inner-most stories and an outlet to make our ideas our own

Coleen Murtagh Paratore is an inspirational writer, teacher, and speaker, active in her profession and in her community. With 19 books published since 2004, Paratore is best known for her 1Ž2 million selling debut novel, The Wedding Planner’s Daughter. She currently serves on the Rutger’s Council on Children’s Literature Advisory Council and on the Board of Directors of the YWCA of the Greater Capital Region. Paratore is the founder of T.R.E.A.T. (Troy Reads Every August Together) in her hometown of Troy, NY, which brings together city children to discuss books and writing. FIREFLIES is her newest release.

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Letterpress Blocks Dayspring HOPE

Hope.. we all have hope for something. I hope the rain holds off. I hope the kids do well with school. I hope for good test results. Hope with a question mark.. Hope?
My pastor has talked a lot about this Hope? The worldly hope that is uncertain, wishful, and given to concern and worry. We can use this hope for small things like hoping for the weather or a particular gift to come in the mail. We can also have this hope for larger things like hope that my grandfather comes out of surgery alright, or hope that the kids are safe driving to basketball practice. This hope alone though is hollow and really not the hope we want.

There is a hope however that is without question, and that is the Hope of Jesus. Hope in Him is to hope without question. To hope in his promises, his Word, his eternity is without question. We can pray and have hope and trust in our Savior for the outcome to be in His will.

This is why I chose to create the word HOPE with the new letterpress blocks from Dayspring.
It is also why we are choosing to name our upcoming baby's middle name Hope. The same hope without a question mark as we teach her in the ways of the Lord and show her the hope she can have in him.

Psalm 71: 5 "For You are my hope, O lord God; You are my trust from my youth."

Which word would you create? Give it a try HERE

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Chumbuddy Jr from Hammacher Schlemmer #giftguide2014

Hammacher Schlemmer still provides the fun of looking through a catalog and marking your favorite items for Christmas! It brings such nostalgia to be able to set the kids loose to see all of the unique and fun items to put on their wish list. Not just for kids, Mom made sure to mark up the catalog as well! Of course with technology you don't have to have the nostalgic experience of the catalog, they have their complete collection online. In business for 166 years, Hammacher Schlemmer has brought the best unique gifts for years.

I chose the Chumbuddy JR Shark Bait Sleeping Bag for review for inclusion in the Holiday Gift Guide. What young boy wouldn't love to be attacked by this soft and snugly shark sleeping sack! Fall is among us and this shark is not only perfect for sleep-overs, it is great for hanging out in the evening and watching TV all snuggled in.

It comes vacuum sealed in the box and has a reusable storage bag. 59" L x 26" it is great for ages 3 and up. Here my 12 year old models being shark bait, and you can see it still fit him well for getting cozy.

Too fun to play with!! It is so soft and warm for the winter. The dorsal fin comes off and can be used as a pillow as well. Simply velcro it back on for full shark effect.

I love that when you aren't using it for a sleeping bag, you can put it in your collection of stuffed animals for display. I am fairly certain though that it is going to used nightly!

Be sure to check out the great products at Hammacher Schlemmer for your Holiday Giving. There are unique and fun gifts for adults and  kids of all ages. Sometimes finding that "just right" gift can be hard. I personally love to give gifts that people have never even seen before. Well Hammacher Schlemmer is the perfect spot to find those gifts!

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