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CTCMath *Review

CTCMath Review

CTCMath has the most to offer for our large family. The CTCMath Homeschool Membership  has replaced our other math programs across our ages. We love it so much that I actually took my other Math programs to sell in a book sale. If that doesn't show you how much we love CTCMath.

The membership allows  us up to 10 users! We aren't quite that big of a family, but we do currently have 4 children working on the program now.

CTCMath is an online Math Curriculum that allows access to all the levels of math. You do not have to decide which grade might be best for them and be stuck in that grade. You can move around as your child learns.

I can log into my Teacher account and see exactly how each of the kids are doing.

One of the things I have loved at CTCMath is not having to grade their work. With homeschooling several children, I need to find short cuts where ever I can. Grading Math is very time consuming, and CTCMath takes away that burden from me.

A new thing for CTCMath teachers is to assign Tasks. I can go through and assign particular lessons for each of the kids to have done on a specific day. If you need to keep your children on a particular time line, or just like to have that style of organization, this is something new to CTCMath. I don't choose to get that detailed, rather I have them do as many lessons that they can in an allotted time. So if it is a typically tough lesson, they may only get one done per day. If they are a bit on the easier side they may get more done. We just follow sequentially and that has worked great for us.

In addition to being able to log in under the teacher account, I also get an weekly email update on how they are progressing. If they are progressing quickly and accomplishing much, I will get an email of an award they have received in their studies.

CTCMath starts with Kindergarten and goes to 6th grade. After that are specific math studies rather than grade numbers.
My oldest is currently finishing up Algebra 1 and will go into Geometry soon. I love that there is a video with each lesson, explaining how to do things, and there are plenty of examples for him to look at. Plenty of opportunities or me to learn it again as well when he needs help with a problem. He is still having to write everything down on paper to figure out the answer, and then input the corresponding letter into the answer key for grading.

Each of the kids have their own log in credentials. This allows them to each be able to get to where they left off with CTCMath. I also have several of them doing math each day at the same time, on their own individual tablets. It works great on a tablet!

It has gotten a lot easier for the student to see what they  need to work on as well. If they get 80% then it will be checked off. They need 50% in everything to have completed that section.

One additional thing I had noticed was that the student can easily see what sections they need additional work on, even from the main page. The numbers represent how many sections out of the total that have at least 80% correct.

I know a lot of my focus has been on reporting, grading, and ease for the teacher. Where I am at right, that is of great importance for me. I have shared in previous reviews, our love for CTCMath.
CTCMath will be our primary math for years to come!

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CTCMath Review

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