Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Jot Bible Life Notes *Review #biblejournal

 I have had the JOT Bible Life Notes for a couple months now. I really wanted to get a feel for it before I shared it with you.
It is a large journal to use with all of your Bibles. Use it for sermons, Bible studies, cell groups, personal study. All of your notes relating to specific verses are all in one place.

The JOT Bible lists each book of the Bible, with each chapter and verse. Each verse offers two blank lines to jot notes on. Just flip to where you are reading in the Word, and write a note in the JOT Bible.

I use several Bibles. I just love switching between versions while I study. I do write notes in my Bible, but have found often that I can't remember which one I wrote a specific note in, and when I go to find it to remember.. I have to spend an excess amount of time trying to find it.

I have taken the JOT Bible to church for sermons. I was concerned, as it is rather a large book. I can manage on my lap to hold my Bible and the JOT Bible, at the same time and still be able to take notes. I just rest my open Bible on the open JOT Bible and work right on my lap with no problem.  My pastor is very much an expository preacher, so most of what we are learning about comes directly from the word.  I love that I can take it each week with me to church and flip to Luke where we are currently working, and no matter which Bible I brought that week, I am still with all of my notes. I used small notebooks before the JOT Bible, and I would struggle to keep track of them. You won't lose the JOT Bible!

In my own personal study I am in Numbers and have been taking notes as I read. I need notes to remind me and job my memory, and the JOT Bible is perfect for that.


 The JOT Bible would also be excellent for Bible Journaling. There has been an insurgent of people illustrating their Bible, adding washi tape, stickers, drawings, and visuals to illustrate and remember the Word. The JOT Bible with all of the open space would be an excellent tool for that artistic bend as well.

I do use a gel pen, so you can see through the pages just a little bit. I like the crispness of my pen, so I am willing to deal with it showing through. Regular ink pens will not. The paper weight is thicker than a Bible paper, but not as thick as copy paper, keeping the JOT Bible at a perfect weight. With 1622 lined pages, that is important.

Leaving a legacy for my children is very important to me. I want to leave a legacy with the WORD of God for them. What better way for them to see God, and realize my heart for Him, then to have a compilation of my notes about His Word. This book will be a treasure for my children long after I am gone.

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