Saturday, August 15, 2015

Grandma Kisses Board Book *Review & Giveaway

by Laura Neutzling
Illustrated by Cee Biscoe

This book is a perfect gift for a new Grandma to be! What do your kids love about going to Grandma's house? Unfortunately we live far away from our relatives and my kids haven't gotten to experience going to Grandma's house very often in their lives. They tend to come to us more than we to them with our larger family. Grandmas are still super special and this book helps my little ones remember and think about their Grandmas

This board book is perfect for newborn to age 4 and will share all about the love of Grandmas. From elephants, zebras, mice, dogs and more, they learn that Grandmas come in all shapes and sizes. Grandma's hugs are the best along with her time to share and play. Grandma's joke and play hide and seek. I love the one with Grandma bear rocking the cub and reading stories from her Bible. Baking cookies, prayers before bed, and of course Grandma Kisses!

Jurnee is really into books lately. Only 9 months old, but if she sees anyone with a book she wants it. What a fun age to watch her looking at the pages as we read to her. This board book is the perfect length for her attention span.
I look forward to holding on to this book for when my own children have kids! Then I get to be Grandma, reading to them and sharing.

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  1. Their Nana will take them everywhere she goes and they have "adventures".

  2. Their Nana will take them everywhere she goes and they have "adventures".

  3. They love that Grandma cooks and bakes for them and when they see their PaPa, they have fun with him. They also love going to his property where he has many things to do in 40 acres

  4. My 2 kids are grown now but they loved baking cookies with their grandma and gardening with their grandpa. Now I'm a grandmother blessed with 2 precious granddaughters. They love to play the Old Maid card game with me. Oh, what expressions they make when they get stuck with the Old Maid. Grandpa just taught them how to fish but they won't bait the hook. :-)

  5. My kids love everything about their grandparents! They love reading with them, going on walks, playing in the sandbox, and going on vacation with them.