Friday, December 13, 2013

OWI Robotics Hyper Peppy *Review #giftguide

OWI Robotics is your number one provider of robot kits. Our Christmas would not be complete without award winning OWI Robots!

Hyper Peppy is an award winning toy that is perfect for the holiday season. Winning Dr. Toy's "Top Ten Creative Products" and "100 Best Children Products" awards. Hyper Preppy is geared for ages
13 and older. It takes just basic tools to assemble this robot. Hyper Peppy has a touch/sound sensor that allows it to back away from walls and go in a different direction.The robot kits from OWI Robotics really give the kids a sense of accomplishment as they explore the building process and can utilize what they built to do great things!

Penguin Life is a great introduction for kids over 8 to see how solar energy works. I just love this little penguin who is attached to his igloo. I am adding this to my shopping list for sure, my daughter just loves penguins! The simple pleasures like this really are amazing if you think about the technology behind it!

Be sure to check out OWI Robotics for your Holiday and Gift Giving shopping!

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