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VideoText Interactive Algebra *Review

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VideoText Interactive is a program that covers pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II as well as Geometry. It goes in a sequential fashion rather than plugging Geometry in the middle of it. I chose to use this with both my 11th and 9th graders for review. My 11th grader has had Algebra I and I was ready to get him started on Geometry this year when I watched one of the video's from VideoText recommending that it not be done this way. The reasoning and ideas were enough to sway me to start my 11th grader back in the beginning, though easy at times, to get his Algebra foundation cemented in. The approach with the Algebra course is to master each component before moving on.

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The Algebra : A Complete Course Looks like this
Unit 0 - Resources for Instructors
Unit I - The Structure of Mathematics
Unit II - First-Degree Relations With One Placeholder
Unit III - First-Degree Relations with Two Placeholders
Unit IV - First-Degree Relations with Three or More Placeholders
Unit V - Second-Degree Relations and Higher
Unit VI - Algebraic Fractions
Unit VII - Relations Of Rational Number Degree
Unit VIII - Quadratic Relations
Unit IX - The Conic Sections
Unit X - Literal Degree Relations

Each Unit has several parts as well. There are 176 video lessons total.
The first parts of Unit 1 dealt with more language components of Math than actual Math, but I did find it important for a strong footing for the boys to know what the different components and ways of utilizing numbers, meant in language terms.

We have been using VideoText Interactive daily for several weeks. My son logs in to his account and sees if he has a quiz from the  previous lesson. If he does, we have to log out of his account, log into mine, administer the quiz and then he re-logs in for his lesson. There isn't a quiz everyday, some are combined together for a larger quiz.
He uses a notebook to write down his problems and answers for the day. This helps him to remember where he is each day in regards to the schedule. I can print out a form to keep track of his grades as well. Once he is done with an assignment I log in to my account to grade his work.

The online Algebra program including Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II is $299.This pricing allows for 2 students to use the program. Each additional student after that is $49. The license lasts for 3 years. I think the 3 years is plenty of time to complete the program.

The videos are easy to understand and it helps me as the homeschool parent to have someone with more knowledge in Math to teach the kids. I am available as well to listen to the video (especially in the beginning of the program).
This program is geared for approximately 8th grade and up. If your student is raring to go you can view the video Is My Child Ready for VideoText Algebra to help you decide.

Some of the crew members utilized the Algebra course as well as the Geometry course. Check out their reviews by clicking on the banner below.


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  1. Wow! That's really awesome! Sure wish they'd had this when I was trying to learn algebra!