Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tailor Made Whiteboards *Review

I have struggled for years to stay organized with chores and the children. Often I would just jot my requirements for each on a piece of paper that later got 'accidentally' thrown in the garbage. I finally realized I need to do something serious! With 6 kids and a hubby that works a lot, I had come to the end of what I could do alone, and desperately needed the boys help.

I tried to grab an older dry erase board we had stored away. Boy was this board heavy and awkward. I hand drew crazy lines on it, and went ahead and listed out our chores. It rested on the floor in the living room and seemed to be working well, besides the fact it didn't look 'pretty' at all.

Shortly after I made this chore chart I learned about Tailor Made Whiteboards. I contacted them about doing a possible review and they graciously asked me to choose from their selection. Trouble was, with a bigger family I needed the most room possible on the board. Not a problem for Tailor Made Whiteboards, they fully custom whiteboards and designed one that is perfect for my needs and pretty!

This gorgeous dry erase board has permanent lines, so no worries about my wonky line drying. Dry erase markers go on easily and wipe of smoothly and free of residue. It is framed in a beautiful frame, decorating my kitchen nicely while being completely efficient. The kids have done a great job checking the chart, and getting their chores done. It now hangs on the wall and is much easier and eye catching to them as they walk by.

My board is the Vogue Design, but without the to do list at the top, giving me 8 slots for chores rather than 5. It has worked out wonderfully and I really love this design. They have several designs and in addition to choosing your board design and layout, you choose the frame as well.
You can even personalize it with a family photo. There are a lot of choices, but not overwhelming at all!

They also sell boards geared toward Menu Planning, Activity Planning and Free Thought boards.
The boards are made within 5 days of order, and the best part? MADE in the USA!

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