Sunday, March 31, 2013

Snappy Socks *Review

With 8 people in our home, times 2 feet each.. that is 16 socks per day that we go through. Now I do have one daughter so go ahead and throw in another 2 just for fun! That is 18 socks times 7 days a week for 126 socks. No wonder I just got done matching 2 hampers full of socks.. no not basket, tall hampers!
I HATE matching socks. It is one of those chores I do not do until I absolutely have to. Most of the time I have the kids just hunt through the hamper and find their own match for the day.

Snappy Socks has made my life so much easier, at least with my socks for now! They snap together before I through them in the wash, and come out already matched. Woo Hoo!

From just $5.99 per pair, they have infant, toddler, youth, children, mens and womens size socks.Everyone in the family can have Snappy Socks and you will never have to match socks again!

I reviewed the US Holiday 6 pack of socks including this Easter set! I loved being festive for the holiday with my socks, and I must admit I have worn the Christmas ones a lot this winter.

Sold by US Dawgs, these socks go wonderfully with their shoewear. The only problem I ran into is if you wear the socks so that your snaps are in the inside of your leg, you may have them rub together on occassion. So just make sure they are on the outside of your left side of your foot when you put them on. I also have very tall winter boots and the snap did rub some on the boot.

Love these socks and plan on purchasing more. They come in a zillion different sizes so you can easily color coordinate to your attire, or if you are like me, choose the wackiest socks and then match your outfit to them!


  1. These socks sound great! Very cute concept! Can't believe someone hadn't come out with this, yet!

  2. What!!! That is such an amazing idea! I need to get some of these. I'm tired of the washer eating our socks.