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Unbreakable by Nancy Mehl & Kindle Fire Giveaway

Nancy Mehl
Road to Kingdom Book Two

We return to Kingdom, a conservative Mennonite community nestled away from the rest of the world.  Free to serve and worship God in their own way. Hope Kauffman runs the quilt shop in town with her widowed father. Several churches in the area have been attacked and violence is inching its way toward Kingdom. The town is divided as to how they should address the violence on the outskirts. As Hope returns from outside of Kingdom after a shopping trip, she is in her horse drawn buggy and is run off the road by a large red pick up truck. She is nearly run over and killed in what appeared to be a 'game' to the driver.
The threats are starting to invade this peaceful community. On one hand we have Ebbie Miller, fiance to Hope who feels strongly that the people need to continue to pray and trust God for protection. Jonathan believes that they should start to patrol their boarders, and possibly with rifles to protect their people. The Mennonites are a peaceful people who only use guns for hunting.

In the midst of the struggle for peace in the town, Hope finds herself struggling with the peace of marrying Ebbie. She has feelings for Jonathan that seem to go beyond what they should as a betrothed woman. Ebbie sees this and breaks his engagement to Hope, freeing her to make the decision on whom she wants to be with. Ebbie desires a wife who is fully committed to him, and not just marrying him in an arrangement between parents.

Hope explores her feelings for the two men, her relationship with God, and her beliefs about the evil in the world and what God is calling her to do.

The Mennonite community is near to me in KY, and is becoming dearer all the time as I make friends and fellowship with them in my neighborhood. I love learning more about this group not only from spending time with them personally, but by reading works of fiction such as Nancy Mehl's series. I enjoyed how Nancy brought out subjects in the book that affect all of us, not just a certain denomination. Our trust in God and his protection is something we all must consider and reflect on. Whether we wear a headcovering or not, we desire a spouse who is fully committed to us for a lifetime. Our humanness can get in the way as we seek to do what God has called us to do.

I enjoyed this second book, and it is easily read alone. I did read book one and some of the characters remained, though the main characters were all either new, or minor characters in book one. I love when I can pick up a series midway and see get so much out of it!!

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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