Friday, June 8, 2012

Cupcake Cover Top Review & Giveaway

"When you wear your Cupcake Covertops you are not only going to be one comfortable girl, but you are also telling the world that you can still be stylish, beautiful, and fashionable without needing to show off your “cupcakes”. You are silently demonstrating that you know who you are and don’t need to call the wrong kind of attention to yourself.
 Cupcake Covertops are not only cute, girlie and convenient but they symbolize something that is good and positive in this world. Join the movement by purchasing your tops today and telling a young girl somewhere out there that it’s still cool to be modest, pure and virtuous! "

Lily Rubio is a gifted singer and clothing designer, but above all that a Christian with a message. Modesty is on the decline in our country, and you don't even have to go to the swimming pool to see it. I want to protect my boys from this outbreak of cleavage! If I could I would hand everyone a Cupcake Cover top! Just what we need for modesty, without the discomfort of layer upon layer of tight undershirts.

I personally love the big, flouncy peasant shirts but I have always struggled with not being able to bend over without holding my shirt along my chest. You can't see anything if I am upright, but watch out if I bend down :) Cupcake cover tops have been a beautiful solution for me!

The tops are extremely comfortable, even more so than that bra actually! I don't notice that it is there, other than taking my mind away from the worry of not being modest enough. It conforms easily to my body and stays in place while I move around. Summer time can get hot enough without having to add another shirt under your clothing. With cupcake covertops you are only adding a half shirt!

The color selection is perfect for my wardrobe and Lily Rubio is adding more colors to the line. I love the fun names she has given to each color, personalizing it to the cupcake line.

Made from a spandex/cotton fabric, the cupcake cover top is form fitting without getting in the way. I have washed them and they have come out looking as good as new. Not misshaped in any way and still true to size.This is a product that every woman needs at least one of! Truly should be required in some of the public venues. Maybe I am old school, but the joy of being modest brings me much more pleasure than showing off my 'cupcakes'.

Visit Lily Rubio's Cupcake Covertops today and get your first one ordered!!For one week Lily is offering my readers a deal! $40 for all 3 colors (a $5 discount) 

Win a cupcake covertop of you very own! Use the rafflecopter for entries. USA only. Ends June 22.

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  1. What a great idea! Thanks for lettin us know at Green Mom's Network

  2. I would choose Red Velvet :)

  3. Milk chocolate :d <3

  4. Black forest! It will go w/ everything!

  5. I like the Black Forrest Cake

  6. I would pick Black Forest Cake!

  7. Black Forest will work best with my wardrobe

  8. Probably Black Forest, but I'd love to have several different colors! These are so cool!
    - Johanna C