Saturday, May 12, 2012

Everybody's Daughter- Michael John Sullivan

Everybody’s Daughter
Michael John Sullivan

Would you give up your own lifetime of happiness for someone else?

In his exciting new novel Michael John Sullivan leads readers on a new adventure as he confronts questions of trust and forgiveness.  Readers will be intrigued as they follow main character Michael Stewart as he travels back in time through a mysterious tunnel in an old church where he volunteers with his daughter.  Michael again finds himself in biblical time’s when the Romans ruled with brutal violence and Jesus preached his peaceful message

His teenage daughter Elizabeth soon follows Michael through the tunnel; however she is surprised to discover that her father is nowhere to be found.  Little does she know that Michael has returned safely to the present, leaving her to battle a vicious Roman soldier.

Separated by centuries, Michael is trapped to fight his own battles in the present day.  Elizabeth’s disappearance and the discovery of her blood in his car ignite a rush of judgment as the FBI focuses on him as a person of interest. Michael’s only hope for saving his daughter rests in the hands of his best friend, a local pastor with secrets of his own, and a mysterious old journal containing tales of miracles within the walls of the old church itself.

Thrilling and suspenseful, Everybody’s Daughter takes readers on a miraculous journey of their own, where salvation can be found in acts of sacrifice and hope remains forever eternal through the passage of a tunnel.

This is the 2nd in the series by Michael John Sullivan, though not necessary to read the first Necessary Heartbreak I feel it would have been helpful to me. This was a beautiful story that shifted between current time and the time of Jesus. It involved time travel and history that kept you turning the pages. I am not typically a time travel sort of reader, but this one was basic enough for the skeptics. It has got to be difficult to include Jesus as a character in a novel, but Michael does it well. This book is a cliff hanger setting up for the next in the series.
About Michael Sullivan:

Michael John Sullivan graduated from St. John's University with a communications degree and a promising future in the field of journalism after working for the official school paper the previous two years. Six months later, he found himself washing his hair in a toilet at the same university as he prepared for a job interview. He was homeless at the age of 23 after first watching his mother his protector in a dysfunctional family die from cancer. A year later his father asked him to leave. Riding a New York City subway train at night, his only companion was a green plastic bag of belongings. During these bleak days he began writing his most reflective and emotional childhood and adult memories now featured in two of his novels.

On a bitterly cold New Year's Eve that year, Sullivan intentionally hid under a pew in the back of a church to stay warm for the night. After the doors were locked, he lay near a makeshift manger, writing and talking to the baby Jesus.  It was a cathartic experience, one that would continue to resonate with him years later. He was eventually rescued by an aunt and uncle. After spending much of the past two decades raising their daughters while working at home, Sullivan returned to his notes in 2007 and began writing Necessary Heartbreak: A Novel of Faith and Forgiveness. It was published by Simon & Schuster's Gallery Books imprint in April 2010. The Library Journal named Necessary Heartbreak as one of the year's best in Christian fiction for 2010. 

He recently finished the sequel, Everybody's Daughter, featuring more memories from his young adult life, including the day he walked to Forest Park as he contemplated taking his own life. Only the strains of a song prevented him from doing the unthinkable. Sullivan lives with his family in New York. He is a nominated board member for the Long Island Coalition of the Homeless.

I received a copy of this book from B& B Media in exchange for an honest review.
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  1. This sounds like a really great read. My mom would love this. It sounds like a Lifetime movie.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind review. I'm so happy you enjoyed my second novel.