Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crops and Robbers- Paige Shelton

A Farmer's Market Mystery

With having recently moved off of a farm, I have to live vicariously through novels of farming! I was drawn to this book actually before we moved because I love the idea of Cozy Mysteries and wanted to start reading some of them. In Cozy I mean not all of the gore, thriller, mystery that comes in many of the
Who Dun Its. More of a 'clean', family friendly style of mystery.
What could be cleaner than a good ole Farmer's Market?
The Bailey's Farmer's Market in South Carolina is getting all set up to host the South Carolinia Restaurant Association as it comes to possibly select ingredients for the various resaurants in the area. Becca and her homemade jams and preserves realizes that there isn't often a need for her supplies in a restaurant, but she cleans up her shop to make it inviting for the Association.
When Joan Ashworth, head of the Association stops by her booth to test her preserves, it takes all she can to not spit it out! Much to Becca's horror! Her jams and preserves have been enjoyed by many in the community and raved about. Becca is offended, of course but trys to let it roll off her back, wishing her Mom and Dad hadn't witnessed the exchange.
Becca arrives at her home later to find the murder of Joan in her barn!! Mom is standing there with blood all over her hands.. her nice hippie mom who wouldn't kill a spider.
Who killed the president of the Association? Would they kill over jams and preserves?

Super story line! I have been to several Farmer's Markets, even showed my own jams and preserves for a season. Not quite as intense as this market, but exciting to be swept back to the days!
The story kept me reading as Paige adds love interests, qwirky characters, great recipes and mystery all in one story!!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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