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A Year of Jubilee Reviews is a blog on raising larger families, homeschooling in Kentucky, and product reviews.
I am a homeschool mom of six, graduating my first one in 2013 and starting the last one in Kindergarten this same year. I love testing new products along with my family and sharing the results with you.
I have been reviewing products for over 2 years and continue to search for great new finds!
Email me directly at jubileereviews@yahoo.com

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desiree reilly said...

congrat on doing that we have alot of family doing that now a day and we know of lot of blue grass familydoing that beacuse of the work time

Jeani @ Rosehill said...

Hi Mellie! This is a great site!!! Love how you keep that enthusiasm and learning new things going in your life! Jeani @ Rosehill

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