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Guitar 360 Method ~Review

Guitar 360 Method

My 14 year old daughter took guitar lessons for about 6 months, until her teacher left for college. She really wanted to continue on, and Guitar 360 Method has been the perfect solution.
The Semester 1 Bundle includes 5 weeks of absolute beginner lessons as well as 13 weeks of semester 1.

Guitar 360 Method

She began with the Start Playing Your Guitar section, which is a free course for beginners. It goes over the basics of the guitar, how to tune it and some finger exercises to get your started. All great basics to learn. My daughter got through those very quickly, having had lessons already. Week 2 she was introduced to some chords. I found the choice of chords to be unique as they aren't the basic chords, but some my son who plays on a worship team, has never actually used. They were a Asus2 and a Bsus4. After looking over it more, I think it is giving the specific chords to be able to play the included songs. We skipped week 3 of this section and jumped into Semester 1, simply because she wanted to get to some things she already knew. The beauty of this self directed video series is that you can jump around where you feel you are gaining the most from it. 

Once she started in the actual Semester 1 course, she was very pleased! Back to where she basically left off with her previous instructor. I think that confidence of knowing some of what she is learning was helpful for her.

This semester covers a lot of information! Way more than I think she would be getting by packing up the toddler and driving to guitar lessons. Each week starts with a goal You can pause the video at any time to get correct fingering. There are between 4- 6 videos to watch each week, and each video is less than 10  minutes typically. There are times my daughter would master one video and go right into the next one in the same day.
There are also practice videos where he shows you what to do and then you take some time to master it. There are also videos geared specifically for hearing the notes.

Week 2, we started learning about Music Theory. I know this isn't something we had with her instructor before, and I do think that knowing the basics in Music Theory are helpful. I play the piano, and understanding how the notes work together. I do see later in the series that music theory becomes even more utilized.

I was glad that there were downloadable chord sheets to print out, so that she could keep them all together to practice switching without having to find the correct teaching video.

My daughter likes to have things mastered before she moves on, so we are still working through week 2 since we started in the beginner section to start our review. I looked ahead at several of the weeks to come and they really are going to be insightful. I am going to have my college son take a look at them when he is home to see if there are things he can learn as well. He plays on a worship team but is always wanting to grow and learn more. This program seems versatile enough that any age student can pick it up and learn it.

I feel that it would take much more than a semester to complete this program, simply because it is so jammed packed with information. If you have a student that will work on it at least an hour a day , each week day they will be well on their way to mastering the guitar. This program is complex, but you can work at your own pace.
My daughter has had a renewed interest in her guitar again and that makes all of the practice and watching videos worth it!

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