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Silverdale Press LLC ~Review

Silverdale Press
We have gotten away from doing unit studies for awhile. Silverdale Press LLC presented the perfect opportunity with their White House Holidays Unit Studies to jump back in. The holidays included in this Unit Study are;
  • Labor Day - 3 lessons
  • Veterans Day - 3 lessons
  • Thanksgiving - 5 lessons
  • Christmas - 4 lessons with 6 activities per lesson
  • MLK - 5 lessons
  • Valentine's Day - 5 lessons
The unit studies are geared for ages 5-18, so pretty much everyone. In my opinion good unit studies do cover a complete age range like that, as we use unit studies with all of our students at one time.

We chose to study Labor Day as it is the next holiday upcoming for us. This is a digital download and is 53 pages long. I chose to not print it all out, but you could do that if you wanted to.
Sadly I don't even know how many of these holidays started, or the true meaning behind them. Bump that age suggestion up to adult!

The lessons in this study are broken down into 2 age groups. K-6 and 7-12. I have kids in both categories and could have easily used both of the sections. I chose to use the K-6 even for the older kids simply because we haven't done a lot in the way of history. I wanted it to be fun for them, along with learning, and not overwhelming. I plan to use the 7-12 section later this fall when we are closer to Labor Day, just to revisit it and see what material stuck with them.

One of the great things about Unit Studies, is you can take them just as they are, or use them for springboard and rabbit trails to learn more. We tend to go off on rabbit trails when we learn, been doing that since they were little. When a Unit Study says it takes a week to complete, it typically takes us twice as long just because we are going that one step further. By looking at the lessons from the K-6 study, I was able to go a bit above this, but not quite to the extent that 7-12 go. Either way works! Sticking to the study, or adding on.

We first learned about Eleanor Roosevelt and how she was key in fighting against child labor laws. We then looked at photos of child labor and analyzed them to see if the work was appropriate for children, or was it hurtful to them.

Next we learned about McGuire and Maguire and the first Labor Day parade. It started with the union labor parties and trying to make them feel happier by having a parade to celebrate them. Many of the posters made during that time were political in nature and trying to get more help for some of the needs going on.

Next we learned about Pullman and the strike of the railway workers. This lead to a look at some of the trains at the time, and comparison to our trains today. We discussed what the future of the train may look like as well. A fun little rabbit trail on train history.

This was just one of the Unit Studies in the White House Holidays Unit Studies. This is a great book that looks at history and presidents during that time. Great to use alone or a springboard for things that you may find your children even more interested in .

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See what my crew mates thought of the unit studies and see some of the fun things they chose to do with them by clicking on the photo below.

Persuasive Writing & Classical Rhetoric: Practicing the Habits of Great Writers & White House Holidays Unit Studies {Silverdale Press LLC Reviews}

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