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MaxScholar ~Review

MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs

My son has been struggling with reading and his tutor recommended MaxScholar
as a program that went along well with what we were working on. It was perfect timing for us to use the Reading Intervention Programs.

MaxScholar has MaxPhonics, MaxReading, and MaxWords. In each category the student is given a pretest to see where he is currently working, and it then puts him where he is best suited to start. My son struggles with reading but does know the alphabet. He was put into module 2 in the MaxPhonics.
There are 4 modules in the MaxPhonics.

There is a teacher and a student account. With the student account, Maverick can log himself in and work on the next lesson himself. The teacher account shows me a Dashboard where I can look at Maverick's progress. It also has the options for grouping kids and using it in a classroom situation. I can generate a report to print for him to see his progress. One of the things I really like about the dashboard is that I can look ahead at the materials that will be covered. I can look over a lesson plan to see what type of additional things I should be working with him on. It gives me a heads up of what is to come, which I do find helpful. Because of his struggle with reading, it is nice to be able to print out some additional pages for him to read through, especially when we are not on the internet.

With the student log in, he can only work on the next item. The rest are locked. If I log into the teacher account, I can preview all of the lessons, which is very helpful. I wanted to get an idea ahead of time what he would be working in, but didn't want it to mess up with his account and place him somewhere he may have not completed.

We have not worked with this program nearly enough this summer. With a death in the family and multiple trips, we have had an upset to our homeschooling plans this summer. That is the beauty of homeschooling, and using MaxScholar though. We can pick right up where we left off, without 'missing' anything due to life happening.

Each letter on MaxPhonics, uses visual, tactile, and auditory learning. It goes through each letter, but not in order. I find sometimes this is best to learn the sounds when they are not in order. There is a lot of repeating which helps with fluidity. The songs are a bit babyish for a 10 year old but you don't have to listen to them.

You can get an even better idea of MaxScholar and the different programs and modules by checking out the reviews of my fellow team mates. Click on the photo below to get to a listing of over 50 reviews.



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