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PandaParents ~Review

Panda Parents Kindy Curriculum

My 3 year old enjoyed PandaParents  digital format of MESSYLEARNING FOR PRESCHOOLERS AND KINDERGARTNERS during her school day. This program is geared preschool ages 3-6.

The digital program is a monthly program that includes a pdf book, access to online videos, and downloadable, printable worksheets. We were given a three month access to get us started. We chose to work with the title Scotty Skunk Hears a Scary Sound.
The other two monthly titles we were given were; A Jolly Jingling Journey and Mommy's Baby.

Scotty Skunk is scared of sounds while he is sleeping. The 30 minute video firstly introduces us to the letter S. The Big and Little S, and the sound that it makes. It then tells us how Scotty is a Skunk and what happens when Scotty is scared.. he sprays. Little Muffin had to take a bath in tomato sauce to smell better.
After the introduction the letter, there is a story about Scotty trying to find a place to stay where there isn't a lot of noises. He has noise from airplanes, and animals, storms, tractors, you name it. Scotty wants a peaceful place to sleep.
The story goes through all of the seasons starting with winter and ending with fall and Scotty's need for a home in each of them.

There are somewhat natural breaks in the video, but I do wish there were concrete breaks. I would like to see it broken into 3, 10 minute videos rather than one 30 minute. It was hard to know when to stop the video and if I stopped it and she knew there was more, she would want to watch  more. A 10  minute video would give us a definite stopping point.

There are over 45 worksheets to use with this book and video. They each vary a little bit, but some are repeat ideas. They are best spread out over the month to work on. My daughter loves to do worksheets and could have easily done 10 in a sitting but I limited her to three each time.

The concepts included in the worksheets are
Memory skills
Fine motor skills
Math Skills
Matching and more..

Each of the worksheets go along with the story. The video is a reading of the story. My daughter much preferred listening to the video. The voices were animated and much more interesting than mom reading it.

My daughter found the video very interested. Seeing it a few times, she was able to remember and predict what was coming next. We would watch the video once a week and do work pages 2 or 3 times a week. The excitement for it didn't last the whole month. I am wondering about having  separate videos to watch over the course of the month, giving them something new each time.

She loved the worksheets that looked like real workbook pages for her. She enjoyed showing them to everyone and telling them what she learned.


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