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HelpTeaching is an online platform for educators to utilize worksheet generators, testing, lessons, and games with  Help Teaching Pro. has a free membership but it is limited in how many questions you can have on worksheets/tests and how many the program can store for you. Help Teaching Pro. gives you unlimited access to creating worksheets and tests. If you are testing younger children or need examples,  you can add images to your questions. You also can save your tests as a pdf for printing out. The feature I liked most was the pre made worksheets and tests for a variety of subjects.

Sometimes I need to have some extra learning time for one of my students while I am working with a sibling. The site has a variety of learning activities I can print out for the kids to keep them learning.

With there are
Tests and Worksheets
Test Maker
Worksheet Generator
Online Testing.

Each of those things can be used with a variety of subjects such as;

English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Holidays for K-6, Vocational Studies, Early Education, Art and Music, Study Skills, and more. I say that covers about every subject we have in a school day!

Another benefit is that there are worksheets for every age group, and because you are designing your own tests, you can utilize that for each age group as well. It is a pretty universal tool for all homeschool families.

I had hoped to use this with my junior high age daughter but she really does have enough work to keep her busy. The one I need help keeping busy is my preschooler. I  find that she loves worksheets! has been great in utilizing worksheets for her to do school with her siblings. is easy to utilize and find the things you are wanting. You can search by subject or grade level to find just the right worksheets or tests.

We don't do much testing in our school, just our preference. I can see the Test Maker being a great resource for those who do. I tried it out for some of our work just to see how it works.
You can write your own questions or even browse questions already written in the library. You can browse them by subject or key word. The third option and a quick, easy way is to just type in a key word, grade and number of questions for a Quick Test.

Even within the Quick Test Options you have the ability to change and tweak the test the way you would like it. You can move things around, shuffle the questions, even browse for different ones. This really is helpful if you want to give a quick test on something that you maybe need to see if they learned it and need a review or not.
I found the Test Maker to be very user friendly which was wonderful!. There are over 170,000 questions in the question library. There is no way I would ever be able to think of that many to utilize. It truly is a wealth of help for those who desire to utilize random tests to keep their kids learning. I may even have to use tests more often just because it is fun making them with this program.
I always like to see if programs are purely secular in nature or if you can find some bible elements to it., when I did a search of Noah Ark in the questions, was given 92 questions available on a variety of grade levels. I thought that was great that these were included!

Once you start working with the Test Maker, you will come up with test ideas for all of their subjects!

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Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology ~Review

Anatomy & Physiology

Apologia has long been our 'go to' for science for the past 14 years, and they continue to grow in scope with great sciences like Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology
This may sound like it is high school science, but it isn't! Elementary and junior high age kids are learning this great study! That amazes me honestly. And if you have been homeschooling for a season, you realize that you rotate through the different sciences, and return again at a later time to the same one, just more in depth. This is one thing that Apologia is great at. We can study it, and though my 4th grader may not get it as much as my 8th grader, it is still sinking in and he is gleaning information on it. 

I love using Apologia Science with all of my kids at once. Firstly it makes my life easier as the teacher when we can learn a subject all together. Secondly, it is much more fun to do science as a group than alone.  With the  Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Notebooking Journal my 8th grader can work at her level and journal the things she has been learning. Her book is meant for grades 3/4 and older. I find that it is a little bit too in-depth for my 4th grader so he is using the Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Junior Notebooking Journal which is meant for grades K to 2nd and 3rd grade. Apologia has always been a little more advanced for us, and the vastness of the information has had us using lower levels than what Apologia recommends. 

Each workbook is consumable, and I love that there is a variety of different activities that they do in the books. It is much more like a journal than a workbook that you finish and toss away at the end of the year. Similar pages in both, but more advanced for my daughter.

My 4th grader is struggling to read and write, but still enjoys working on science. His junior book has coloring pages in place of writing sometimes and that is much easier for him to do while listening to me read. Strangely enough he got a little queasy learning about cells and the human systems. I would have thought he would have been the tough one and my daughter a bit squeamish , but it was the opposite.

If I don't have time to sit and read the Human Anatomy and Physiology Text Book , Apologia has it all on Human Anatomy and Physiology MP3 Audio CD which will read everything in the book for me. Sometimes I actually think they prefer that to my reading! There is a lot of reading for the teacher, as my kids prefer I read it then them try to read it themselves. I think this helps with discussion as well, as I can stop and mention something I may think of during the reading.
The CD doesn't allow for those extra 'mom moments' but in a busy time, they can listen to it or even re-listen to it later. I did see someone mention of taking the CD in the car to listen to it. We are on the road on Thursdays and that is just what I plan to do for reinforcement of what we have been learning about.

We learned about the history of human anatomy in the beginning of our studies and one of the experiments was to mummify apples. This was really fun for all of them to work on, even the 3 year old got involved. She had to taste the salt and we had to get another apple for her to eat!

Not only is there the text, and notebooking journals, MP3 Cd; there is Book Extras online!! For each lesson there are 10-20 links that go beyond the study. (Always have parental caution when using the links, as they can change). There are articles to read, videos to watch, and even memory songs. There is a gold mine of additional information that we are enjoying.

I feel like I focus much on the English, Math, and basics of our schooling and often the Sciences get pushed to the side. Just with a larger family and the busyness of running here and there. I want the Godly science that Apologia offers to be a bigger part of their homeschool education. Apologia gives resources in audio, physical, and visual that support the teacher in this. We will continue with our studies (even with the squeamish kid), and keep working through Apologia's Exploring Creation curriculum.


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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Creation Illustrated ~Review

Creation Illustrated

Creation Illustrated  puts out a quarterly magazine that is beautiful and points to all of God's creation. In each production, they have started designing a Unit Study to go along with the issue. With it just being the tail end of winter, we received two unit studies that were appropriate to the times. We received a Snow Unit Study that I was afraid we wouldn't be able to use. Well good old Kentucky weather gave us a snowstorm in the middle of March and it only seemed appropriate to focus on the Snow Unit Study.

Creation Illustrated Unit Study Snow

The Snow Unit Study goes along with the Winter 2018 issue of Creation Illustrated. This magazine recently added a digital edition! It is an amazing magazine, full of creation information! I don't know how they choose just one unit study from each magazine, as there are many options. 

Winter 2018, Vol. 24, No. 4

We have been a bit busy lately, just focusing on the basics of school , and jumping back in with a Unit Study really has made me miss doing them. They are so helpful to do with a wide variety of aged children. We went ahead and did it right after our Bible time while I had everyone together.

The Unit study covers many subjects.

We had writing and penmanship, Vocabulary and Spelling, Bible Study, Science, Math, Geography, Art and some puzzles and activities to wrap it up. 

We had a link to the digital magazine to read the article in about snow and how it relates to us as Christians. I thought the article was very well written and loved the comparisons that were made. We got to talk about this in depth in our study. You would need to purchase the digital magazine and the unit study separately. 

The Intimacy of Snow had many spiritual lessons in it. We also looked up many of the vocabulary words, which broadened their knowledge as well. 

I did print out the study guide, it is just easier for me to have it in front of me to use. I would recommend that the answer key does not have the pink tinted background. For those choosing to print it out, I am sure most would prefer white just to save on colored ink. 

Creation Illustrated is entering its 25th year of publishing.  Readers call it "The Christian answer to National Geographic". Each issue is divided into three sections.. Nature, Scripture and Living which gives it a well rounded approach. 

Each issue has contests for homeschoolers such as coloring, photo and poetry. 

The second unit study we received was on Pine Trees and this was based on the Fall 2017 issue of Creation Illustrated. I do plan to utilize this study as well, as we wrap up the snow unit study. It really can be used in any season, where the snow one we did much better enjoying it with actual snow on the ground. 

The latest Spring 2018 Issue just came out and looks just as amazing! The unit study for this issue will be on butterflies, and I am excited to check that out as we warm up and the flowers start blooming. 

I am still old school and prefer the physical copies. If you are like me, you can get a discounted 
A subscription to the digital issues is coming soon!

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