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Drive Thru History Adventures ~Review

Drive Thru History Adventures

Drive Thru History Adventures has been our favorite history series through our homeschool adventure. We have several of the series on DVD that have been watched repeatedly, and were excited to continue with this Homeschool History Curriculum.  This is a series that catches the attention from the toddler through to the adults. So if we have the DVD's, why would we need an online subscription to the series?

Drive Thru History Adventures allows access to the 
Bible History Adventures
American History Adventures
Ancient History Adventures

You can use your laptop, tablet, iPhone, or computer. History on the go! 

Drive Thru History Adventures

We even hooked up the laptop to the TV for a larger screen and sound when we watched them as a family.
Dave Stotts is a funny guy, with a passion for history and truth. He brings the truth of the Bible to each episode, and connects it to the world around us.
We really enjoy watching him as he roams from place to place, changing vehicles and costumes.

In addition to the streaming of episodes, there is curriculum for each episode! I have always desired to have just a bit more to make it feel like 'school' and book work for learning History. Well now, I can print out the pages and the kids and I talk about it after the episode. I also have the answers if I was multi tasking during the viewing and missed it.

We spent our time in American History Adventures. We need more American History and it came at a perfect time. We watch it during our lunch hour. Shhh, the kids don't know they are doing school during lunch! Well they  may when we work on the review pages, but by then lunch is done and we are back to school. This has been a great asset to the episodes. Each episode also has additional resources to go along with it.

Each episode will have a video as well as a summary of what the video will be about.

Drive Thru History Adventures
Each episode contains artistic renderings of that time period.

There are also downloads of some of the writings that will help further the study such as the Declaration of Independence, Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, The Magna Carta, Washington's letter to Governor George Clinton and more. Each pertaining to the time that we watched in the video. Each of these can be found in the Resources tab and on the individual episode page.

Additional there are side roads you can take to delve deeper

Drive Thru History Adventures

One of the exciting parts I really enjoyed from Drive Thru History Adventures was Drive Thru History Adventures TV. There are 18 videos with Dave Stotts that give weekly updates. There are videos on Christmas, Thanksgiving traditions as well. The videos are from 1-15 minutes in length.
In addition to these videos there are Side Road Videos where you can watch on the History of Presidents' Day, Saint Valentine, Coins of Herod the Great, and our favorite, The History of Cheese!

I was excited to hear in the recent update that they are working on a Gospel series from Acts to Revelation, with many more ideas for future episodes. As they get them completed they will be made available in the Drive Thru History Adventures as well.

There is also a private Facebook Group where you can interact with others using the Adventures, and see additional updates from Dave. And even greetings!

The videos take you to places you can only dream of traveling. All focused on Jesus, and His Story and how it relates to History.

Join now and get a bonus Gospels  DVD with a annual subscription. Check out Drive Thru History Adventures for the coupon code.

Drive Thru History Adventures
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