Monday, January 1, 2018

Psalm 1

As God leads me through the Psalms, I thought I would record my journey for myself mainly, but if you want to come along you are welcome. I am just a student of the Word, untrained, undisciplined, but with a desire to grow in Him.

Psalm 1 lays out two paths for people. The godly and the ungodly. The godly path leads to renewal, refreshment, and constant nourishment like a tree planted by everlasting water. Because we love the Lord, we delight in His laws, knowing full well that they are better than anything we can come up with on our own. That nourishing, living water gives us the opportunity to bear fruit.

The ungodly path is one of being blown away in the wind like the chaff of wheat. The unusable portion that gets cast to the wind. They have no security, no constant nourishment. They are not planted, but blown around by the wind. They will perish.. die..

The Psalms lay out right from the start, the right path we should be on. Easy to see the differences in life from those who focus on the law of the Lord, and those who neglect it. Laws are there out of love for us. The boundaries of the law keep us hemmed in, and on the path to righteousness. The laws aren't made to enslave us, but to set us free. Much of the Word is opposite of what the world teaches. To be free, we must lay down our lives to our creator. There is the true freedom to soak in the beautiful water of our savior, and to be rooted and planted deeply in Him.

This was a printed page that I could just color. Sometimes I need these easy steps to give me the opportunity to get it done, and not worry about the art work.

Thank you Jesus

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