Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Psalm 4

Along with my study of the Psalms, I wanted to work in a study of the Names of God. Here in Psalm 4:1 is the only time Elohe Tsadeki.. God of my Righteousness is used in the scripture.

Christ is our righteousness. I love how Jesus is shown in the Psalms, even before he came to earth as a man.

A Psalm of David with stringed instruments. I looked up the specific instruments that they would have used. They were going for a specific sound to this Psalm. 

Lyre: A lyre has a body with two arms, which are joined by a crossbar. The strings stretch from the body to the crossbar.

Harp: Harps have a neck at an angle to the body, either arched (of the same piece as the body) or angular (the neck fastened to the body at a near right angle).

Lute: A lute has strings stretched along a neck attached to a resonating body, as does a guitar-like or violin-like instrument.

Subtitled in Henry Morris KJV as "An Evening Prayer for Deliverance". David first calls upon God in his distress, rather than going to man. A perfect example of how our prayers should be. Cry out to God and ask Him to hear our prayer.

We get to Selah again in this Psalm after verse 2 and 4.

Verse 8 really gives Peace for an evening prayer. "I will both lay down in peace, and sleep; for thou, LORD, only makest me to dwell in safety. "

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

KJV Expressions Bible *Review

When I first opened the package I thought to myself.. this is a beautiful Bible! Absolutely stunning edition. Beautiful brown with an embossed stripe on the front, this Bible can be used for any age, any gender.

This KJV Expressions Bible is just a bit smaller than my standard size bible, measuring at 6 1/2 by 7 1/4. Perfect size for carrying to church or Bible study.

This bible is a Journaling Bible, which means it has an extra wide 2 inch margin on each page. I am a note-taker when it comes to listening to sermons at church, or even podcasts. I love to record my thoughts on the passages and record them to come back to later. This KJV Expressions Bible has 2 columns of text per page which is unique. Many of the journaling Bibles I have reviewed have just one column of text, making for a thicker, larger Bible. This helps compact the Bible some for ease in carrying. The only difficulty with this is that you may not have enough room in the margin for all of the notes if you are in a particular passage of text that speaks to you. This could be true in the Bible's with one column of text as well. The Word is so full of wisdom, it is easy to need to use a journal for the lengthy notes.

One of the very best features I love about this Bible is it is a Red Letter Bible! I have yet to find a journaling Bible that includes Jesus words in Red. I have always loved this, and reverenced the red letters, knowing they are words my Jesus spoke. This feature alone makes this a 5 star Bible in my review.

I also very much like that it is a KJV Bible. I tend to read the NKJV for church and with our homeschool. I love to study the KJV as well. Having a variety of translations really makes you study the Word, and search it for yourself.

The pages in the KJV Expressions Bible are nice and thick, not your typical bible paper. This is great in using colored pencils and some gel pens and not having it bleed through to the other side.
There is a rise in Bible Journaling artistically where people are drawing pictures and getting creative in recording the message of God. These pages will hold glue sticks. tip ins, washi tape, stickers, etc that are used in Bible Journaling.
For now I am choosing to use it just for written notes during church and my learning. I want to use it as an heirloom to pass along to one of my kids and I know they will love the personalized, hand written notes in it.

It is printed in 8 point font, and I had no problem reading it.

The KJV Expression Bible comes in three bindings. Both black and tan are leather Bibles. There is also a floral, cloth, hardcover as well.
A stunning Bible!

Pick up a copy from
Hendrickson Publishing
Christian Book Distributors

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Knowing Jesus the Essential Teen 365 Devotional ~Review

The Essential Teen
365 Devotional
Knowing Jesus.. the desire of every Christian's heart. This 365 devotional has Jesus each day. It is  numbered rather than dated, so you can begin the devotional at any time. Miss a day? Just jump back in where you left off, easy as that.. no guilt or catching up.
Each devotion covers one page. You will need a Bible to read the devotional as it suggest a scripture reading at the begin of each reading. This is where you will camp for the devotional.

Each day you will be reading several verses. Often there is a quote from one or two of the verses for reference and you can get an idea of where you might be reading for that day. After the reading there are sections titled; Answer the Following Questions, Ask Yourself, Consider these Questions. Some variation of a question section where the questions are asked about the reading done for that day. These aren't 'milk' questions either, but beginning to dig into the meat of the message. I love this about the devotion. It is applicable for both the new believer, and the seasoned believer.
The book mentions it is the Essential Teen devotion. There is rarely a mention of anything specifically teen related though. This devotional can easily be used by everyone. I love that it doesn't look at typical teen problems and try to dissect them, instead the focus is on Jesus.

The final section is the Respond. This is where you take a look internally and see if you are where you  need to be on this particular passage. Some responses are to pray, to consider, to even make lists. This last section is great to make it applicable to your own life.

The devotion is very focused on salvation through Jesus. It mentions having personal encounters with Jesus, and a saving faith. I found it to be very sound doctrinally, and again would really work for any age. I was planning to give it to my teen, but loved it so much I decided to keep it myself.

Pick up a copy from B&H Publishing HERE for $14.99

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Psalm 3

Psalm 3 is our first mention of Selah.. the word I have chosen as my Word for 2017. The Passion Translation rather than writing Selah, says Pause in His Presence. I did some research on this word Selah, and it is thought to be a musical term for a pause or rest. It is used 71 times in the Psalms. The Psalms are hymns and songs, so this is a pause to the musicians, which gives an opportunity for reflection for the listeners. I read this Psalm with those pauses, to look back at the last verse spoken to see what God would want me to reflect on.

There is a Selah after verse 2, and 8. In verse 2, David is saying how the people are slandering God, saying that God can't even save him. Pause.. Verse 3 claims God as his shield that fully surrounds him. Glory to God. He is our shield. Not just a front facing shield either, a fully encompassing shield from all sides.

Verse 3 from the Holman Standard reads "But You, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory and the One who lifts up my head".
KJV reads "But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head."

The one who lifts, and the lifter up.. Always gently taking his hand under our chin and lifting it up to his gaze. What a beautiful word picture.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Psalm 2

Psalm 2 has a couple of introductory titles.
The Coronation of the King
The Messiah's Triumph and Kingdom
The Reign of the Lord's Annointed

All show examples that this Psalm is pointing to the coming Messiah. I love reading in the Old Testament, the prophesies that have so vividly come to pass already. As we are playing out more prophesies currently, it is amazing how accurately God portrayed them, and fulfills them.

I love how Psalm 2:11& 12 reads in The Passion Translation;
"Serve and worship the awe-inspiring God. Recognize his greatness and bow before him,
trembling with reverence in his presence.
Fall down before him and kiss the feet of his Son..."

The 12 verses in this Psalm are broken up into different voices.
The first is the Nations. In verse 4 God speaks. Verse 7 Jesus speaks and finally in Verse 10, the Holy Spirit speaks.

Trembling with Reverence can also be Rejoice with Trembling
The Hebrew word for 'rejoice' means to "spin around with excited emotions or 'twirl".

We know from Genesis that all three in the trinity have always been, and I love finding the Holy Spirit and Jesus pop up in the Old Testament.

In our minds today, let us bow down and kiss our Savior's feet.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Psalm 1

As God leads me through the Psalms, I thought I would record my journey for myself mainly, but if you want to come along you are welcome. I am just a student of the Word, untrained, undisciplined, but with a desire to grow in Him.

Psalm 1 lays out two paths for people. The godly and the ungodly. The godly path leads to renewal, refreshment, and constant nourishment like a tree planted by everlasting water. Because we love the Lord, we delight in His laws, knowing full well that they are better than anything we can come up with on our own. That nourishing, living water gives us the opportunity to bear fruit.

The ungodly path is one of being blown away in the wind like the chaff of wheat. The unusable portion that gets cast to the wind. They have no security, no constant nourishment. They are not planted, but blown around by the wind. They will perish.. die..

The Psalms lay out right from the start, the right path we should be on. Easy to see the differences in life from those who focus on the law of the Lord, and those who neglect it. Laws are there out of love for us. The boundaries of the law keep us hemmed in, and on the path to righteousness. The laws aren't made to enslave us, but to set us free. Much of the Word is opposite of what the world teaches. To be free, we must lay down our lives to our creator. There is the true freedom to soak in the beautiful water of our savior, and to be rooted and planted deeply in Him.

This was a printed page that I could just color. Sometimes I need these easy steps to give me the opportunity to get it done, and not worry about the art work.

Thank you Jesus

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Word of the Year 2017 ~Selah

As God has led me to study the Psalms this year, it was a perfect meld for Him to give me the word Selah as my Word of the Year.

Homeschool Review Crew Reflecting on 2016
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Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Study in the Psalms

I have really felt the Lord nudging me to study the Psalms. I have been reading through the Bible, and when I got to the Psalms I couldn't just fast track through them. I skipped ahead to Isaiah and decided to keep reading there and add the Psalms and then Proverbs in additionally. The Psalms are just too good to read several in a sitting.
With the start of the new year, felt like a great time to really delve into each Psalm. To focus on each as long as I need, whether a day or a week.
I'd like to say I will share each Psalm with you and  my thoughts, but I imagine I will miss some. Some posts may  just be a photo of the Psalm, maybe some Bible Journaling, or a photo of my handwritten word. No deep commentary, we will leave that to Henry Morris.

My Psalms study will begin with my morning devotion time. Above are a few of the resources I am using. I have linked them below if you want to take a closer look.

As I study I may see other books that help, but for now this is plenty to get me started. I start with The Passion Translation. This version reads very fluidly. This particular version also has simple illustrations and lines for journaling which I may get to eventually. For now I am reading the Psalm  in here through a couple times. Then I move on to the NKJV of the Psalm. Read it through once and I am using that version then to write out the Psalm in the Journible.

After I write it out in the Journible I look at the study Bibles and read each of them including the commentary on the Psalm. Praying as I read it that God reveals what He wants me to get from the Psalm.

Reading the Psalm at least 6 times, in a variety of translations, really helps me to think on it throughout the day.
I have also had an interest in Hymns lately, having ordered a couple old hymnals on ebay so that I have actual Hymns on hand. I think it is fitting as Psalms are musical, and were sung. Many of the Hymns written were taken from the Psalm and as I have time I will look up specific Hymns that may have been written for each Psalm.

I invite you to join me on the Study in the Psalms and share what you may be learning from each one as well.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Hiding His Word in my HeART Week 1

I am not an artist. Let that be know right from the get go.. I am however a lover of the Lord's Word!
I found this group on Facebook Hide his Word in my heART which is a private group all about reading the Word and bringing some art form from it. I love that the founder Maymay puts up a youtube video each Sunday and I can get on Monday morning and watch the video for the week. She guides you through a suggested art work, which for me is perfect as I am just starting out. I am looking forward to this group to learn to do some more art work to incorporate into Bible journaling. Also you are reading the same scripture verse for the entire week, which really helps you to memorize it and see how God can speak to you through it.
I am excited to share my journal with you as I go, for accountability sake more than anything. Also sometimes it is nice to see someone without artistic ability in drawing, so that it seems attainable! Some of the great artists overwhelm me with beauty that I just can't even begin to draw. But that isn't what it is about.. it is about time with the LORD.

This week's video can be found HERE.
It is just a 14 minute video. I plan to get my cover made today and can share that with you, and as I work through my journal I may post some pictures or just some things the Lord is speaking to me.

Excited to share more of my heart with you all, and have a log of my growth for myself.

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