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Let the Little Children Come ~Review

Let The Little Children Come

Let the Little Children Come offers a variety of evangelism tools which we are able to see a sample of in the Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack. So many different and interactive ways to reach children with the good news of Jesus Christ.

 Let the Little Children Come Gospel Tracks

The Sampler Pack includes three different style of tracts. The Animated tract has an element to it where you put a striped piece of plastic over the photo, and it makes it come alive. (The plastic is included with the tract). Each page is a different scene asking about the Lord. At the end of each booklet it mentions how you can accept Jesus into your heart. These are perfect to hand out at Vacation Bible School, to new kids attending Sunday School class, or even for your student to take to class with them.

The 2nd style of tract is the Pop Up tract. This is like a mini pop up book, so much easier on the eyes than the animated one :) Reminds me of the pop up books we read to the kids when they were younger. Each page has a pop up on it, and it about 4-5 pages in length. Each booklet ends with the salvation message and how the student can accept Christ.

The third tract sent to me was the FlipAbouts. It is a paneled booklet that opens and twists about at different angles. Makes different symbols based on how you turn it. The John 3:16 one was really fun and had the verse on separate flips.

My daughter and I have several pen pals, and these type of tracts work perfect to include with a letter to someone we are just meeting via snail mail.

Another great tool for evangelism is the color coded bracelet. There is a silicone salvation bracelet that has each color of the story on it. It comes with a paper that explains what each of the 5 colors mean, but the bracelet is just the colors. This is actually a great conversation starter as well for my kids to wear out and about.

The next bracelet they sent was the Wordless bracelet kit. This is the bracelet you may have seen them make at VBS, or church camps. With the black band, and the 5 colored beads to represent the Salvation message.

The final tool was a wordless book, in the same colors as the bracelets, to witness through the colors, the salvation story. I found it interesting that Charles Spurgeon was the first to use this book in 1866 to present the gospel to children.

This sampler pack allows you to physically see each item, and then take them to your youth pastor, sunday school teacher, co -op leader and then decide which tools will work best for the ministry you are trying to do. You then can order that specific item from Let the Little Children Come.

With our ministry of snail mail I personally like the Pop Up Tracts to send in the mail to new friends. It is easy to just include it in a letter, and you can send a prayer along with it.

Be sure to find Let the Little Children Come on facebook

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Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools {Let the Little Children Come Reviews}

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Weave Your Word in Me Part 1 ~Review


My newly 13 year old daughter does a beautiful job of digging into her Bible each morning and praying. Kid Niche Christian Books gave her the opportunity to go even deeper with a bible lessons in Weave Your Word in Me -- Part 1.

She enjoys adding to her quiet time in the morning, and this was the perfect tool for her to not only read more in the Word, but to study it on her own. It is geared for 4th-6th grade. My daughter is just a little older than that and enjoyed it as well. I feel it could easily be used for 7th and 8th as well. My daughter at her age was able to be mostly independent in using the Weave Your Word in Me Part 1. It became part of her morning routine.
This would be a great tool to use in a Sunday School class, Co-op homeschool class, or as a family too. Many different ways to utilize this study.

This is compatible with the following Bible translations:  KJV, ESV, NKJV, NIV, NASB, NABRE.
We use the NKJV in church and in our homeschool, and I appreciated that it was compatible with so many translations.

This comes loose leaf, three hole punched so you will need a binder to store it in. Gives the tween a chance to decorate their Binder and make it special just for them.

There are 36 lessons broken down into 4 sections;
God the Father
God the Son
What God Wants
God the Holy Spirit.

Each section utilizes the Lord's Prayer to help teach the kids how they can come before God, and how to talk to Him. It gives them the knowledge to understand the trinity and the persons of the Godhead. The author takes the Lord's Prayer and breaks it down into steps for the student to learn to pray in their own words, and model the prayer in their own life.

I asked my daughter what she liked most about this study, what stood out to her. She said she liked looking up scripture that she normally wouldn't look into. That it had her in both the old and the new testament.
It is only a page to a couple pages in length, so it works easily into her morning routine. Not too in depth that she has to continue over several days on the same topic. It also isn't a simple devotional that only takes 5 minutes to read and she is done.

Each lesson includes reading a few different Bible passages and answering questions about them. It uses a fill in the blank design, so regardless of your version of the Bible, you can easily figure out what goes in the blank.
At the end of the lesson is a My Prayer section where you complete the blanks and pray the prayer to God, again reinforcing the Lord's Prayer and how to pray.

For the parents not following along, there is a Answer Key in the back. Or if the student is having a hard time with their particular translation, it is helpful.

Additionally, the author Susan Case Bonner has some resources online to go along with the Weave Your Word in Me Part 1 study.

For each lesson she has theme related activities from videos, art projects, crossword puzzles, drawing prompts, and more. Each lesson has 3 enrichment activities. We haven't done these along with the book during morning prayer time, but we will be checking them out when my daughter has her 'computer' time for school. I especially love the videos including Johnny Cash singing, "Have thine own way Lord", a beautiful video on the Aurora Borealis, parable videos and more.
The enrichment section really adds another dynamic to the study, giving the student opportunity to use more of their senses, and to take what they are learning on paper and relating it to other things throughout the day.

Be sure to find Kid Niche on these social media sites.

Kid Niche Christian Books

Twitter: @susancasebonner

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Weave Your Word in Me {Kid Niche Christian Books Reviews}

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Pencil Grip, Inc. Ultra Safe Safety Scissors *Review

The Pencil Grip, Inc.

The Pencil Grip, Inc. sent me two school supply tools for my young daughter to try out. The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors and The 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit

The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors
The Ultra Safe Scissors, with the permanent safety shield, make it impossible to cut yourself. My older kids tried believe me. The paper inserts in between one blade and the safety shield and there is no room for anything else to fit. It was a tight fit for my 2.5 year old, as she is still learning fine motor skills. It is recommended for ages 3 and up, and as she gets used to them I think she will be fine cutting on her own. I had to insert the paper for her on several occasions so she could cut. They are nice and sharp, and she liked that she didn't have to struggle to get a cut.

The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors

The 3 grip development training kit is perfect for my 2 year old as she is learning to write and needs to have a correct hold on her pencil. She is starting with The Crossover Grip which has a 'super hero cape over the fingers to keep her from crossing her fingers to the other side. She does hold it correctly with this grip but I think she preferred the Pinch Grip.
The 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit

Step 2 is The Pinch Grip, that gives just a smaller covering over the fingers, letting the writer see that their fingers are positioned correctly.
I think for my 2 year old she did need to see where her fingers were at. Each child will be different and though there are 3 steps, you need to start with the one most comfortable for your child. She was able to get in and do some fine details with The Pinch Grip.

Step 3 is the original Pencil Grip which I have been using, as it gives great comfort in writing, especially if you write a lot like I do. It is the graduate Pencil Grip tool.

All of the Pencil Grips are latex and phthalate free. They do help with comfort and control for both adults and children.
Each grip works for left or right handed writers.

These work great for toddlers, and for those who need an extra grip in their writing. Would be perfect for a Sunday School Class or Day Care facility.

Find The Pencil Grip, Inc. on these social media sites.

Twitter: @thepencilgrip

Ultra Safe Safety Scissors & Pencil Grip Training Kit {The Pencil Grip, Inc. Reviews}

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Reading Eggs ~Review

Reading Eggs

I have heard great things about Reading Eggs and was thrilled to be reviewing it for the first time!  You can get a Free 4 Week Trial to check for yourself just how wonderful this program is!

The program is helpful for ages 2-13 with several different levels of learning

Reading Eggs Junior ages 2-4
Reading Eggs ages 3-7
Reading Express ages 7-13
Math Seeds ages 3-9

There is also a library with over 2000 books. They are organized according to grade level. I know as homeschoolers we often don't work to a specific grade level, so you may be able to find books for your student in multiple grade levels.

I started my 9 year old out with a proficiency test. He has long suffered with his reading, and every reading tool we find, we try out. He is reading at a 5.5 year old level right now, but making progress which is a huge blessing. He loves Reading Eggs, and looks forward to it each day. Though it is phonetic in nature, he is still learning each time he does a lesson. He tends toward more right brain learning, but I think because it is so visual for him, it is helping him to learn more fluidly.

The comprehensive reading program is grounded in solid educational research and covers the five pillars of reading – phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.

Reading eggs has 120 lessons that are divided into maps. Each map has several lessons. Maverick is on lesson 64 which is on map 7.

When you are logged into the parent dashboard there is a Bonus Material section that now has a brand new set of program guides that specifically support homeschoolers!

"The colorful and detailed week-by-week overviews make it easy for you to comprehensively cover and track essential learning outcomes for children in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade. Each printable homeschool guide provides a 36-week teaching and learning sequence for Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. It maps online lessons, books, quizzes and assessments to help you plan your child’s learning every step of the way. Best of all, each guide lists reference books in the Reading Eggspress library to complement online learning, and help you expand new ideas and concepts."

Reading Eggs*

The Bonus Materials also offers printables to go along with the Map your child is traveling on.

For review I was able to have 2 students work on Reading Eggs. I signed up my 2 year old to work on Reading Eggs Junior. With us having to share one computer for school work, it wasn't always feasible to give the youngest a turn on the computer. I was thrilled to find that there is an app on my Apple phone where she can do much of the same things that she would do on the computer! I just had to log into my account. That really gave us a great opportunity for her to check out Reading Eggs Junior.  There is a lot of activity on Reading Eggs Junior, including many songs, some just for fun, and some educational like the ABC's. There are lessons on each of the letters, and you go through them in order. There is rewards for the student once they get through a letter, they collect eggs with objects hidden inside. My 2.5 year old loved clicking the egg to see what prize she got! I am fairly sure she could have sat all day and done her 'school' work. So fast paced it kept her interest!

Reading Eggs Junior has lots of great fun for your 2-4 year old. We learned some letters, sang some songs, and colored some pictures.

I have a Reading Eggs subscription for 6 months, and plan to keep going with it as long as my kids are learning! I highly recommend this online program for delayed readers.

Find Reading Eggs on these social media sites.

•   Facebook:
•   Instagram (handle): readingeggs
•   Twitter: @readingeggs
•   Pinterest:
•   YouTube:

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Reading Eggs

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

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CTCMath *Review


CTCMath Family Membership has been our staple math program for a few years now. When we don't have it, the kids struggle to know what math to work on! You can get a great homeschoolers rate of 60% off plus 6 bonus months


CTCMath is probably one of the best curriculum reviews we have done in the past. As far as reusing, and sticking with review material, we have continued to use and love CTCMath beyond the review time. So much so that if we weren't  on a review for it, we would purchase it for our school year. It is just that good.

We used 2nd grade and 6th for my 12 year old. I love how CTCMath has a family membership that covers Kindergarten through High School. The High School level is suggested to use as a supplement rather than a full curriculum, but we have used it in the past and it was very comprehensive.

You are also not locked into a specific grade level with CTCMath. If your child is advancing quickly, you can have them head into the next grade level. Struggling? They can go down a grade level. You can utilize several at one time even if you need reinforcement in a specific topic. I really like how I have the control over where the kids are working, and the option to change it.

Here is a photo of what my 2nd grader is currently working on.

Each lesson will show the percentage of how they did. I prefer they have an 80% or higher to not have to repeat it. They earn certificates for completing each unit, and CTCMath will email me with their awards.

There is a diagnostic tool that helps you know if the child needs to do that section or not, or gauge how they are doing after they went through the lessons even.

I love that it is online, and I seriously never thought I would say that. I was a textbook for Math type of homeschooler. This program helps me significantly as the teacher.  The video teaches the kids their lesson, (freeing up mom), and then walks them through examples before they work on their 10 math problems. 10 problems is doable for my kids. Some other curriculums assign 25 or more. That would seriously overwhelm my kids to the point of quitting. The neat thing with CTCMath is , they enjoy it and know there are only 10 problems, that often I can get them to do 2 lessons each day!

Oh and did I mention the video is taught by an Australian guy, and he has a really cool voice. The kids can understand him well and they seem to listen to him better than me.

We can run both kids working on math at the same time. One on the PC, and one on a tablet. Works perfect for me to get in the math zone, and pop in between each of them. Right now it is the 12 year old who needs more help as she is working on some logic problems.

I look forward to using CTCMath for years to come. I am thankful I decided to give it a try, even though I thought physical math books were better. My kids are learning more and fighting less with CTCMath than they have with other other Math programs, and that is a win for me. Check out the Free Trial through November 15.

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CTCMath Online Math Tutoring {Reviews}

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