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Journey Through Learning Lapbooks *Review

A Journey Through Learning

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks  includes several titles on the Apologia Curriculum page
including the one we chose for review, Exploring Creation with Zoology 1

This lapbook goes along with the Apologia book of the same title, Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day.

Apologia Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day Lapbook

Geared for grades 2-7, this lapbook series goes hand in hand with the Apologia Exploring Creation books. It has 14 lessons, corresponding to the reading. You will need to purchase the reading text from Apologia.

You can download the lapbook pages in color or in black in white. Thankfully I have a great program for ink with my hp printer, so I love to print in color.
This lapbook is set up to use a file folder for each of the lessons. You will attach mini booklets to each of the folders, giving you a collection of folders at the end of the school year. It is fun to have a variety of colors, but regular manila folders work just as well.

Each lesson shows you in a picture, exactly where the particular mini booklets go in that folder. As you are done making each folder, and moving on to a new lesson, you can put the folders into a large 3 ring binder.

Each of the different booklets, tell you where to read in the Apologia book to find the answers and write them on the booklet you are creating.

Journey Through Learning Lapbooks even gives you additional information like in the photo above, where you may need to take longer than one day for the lesson.
There are several books to complete for the file folder in each lesson. We typically did one lesson over the course of the week, having a science class two days a week. The kids seemed to tire of making mini booklets and it was a lot of reading for just one session. So we worked together over the two days and they would have their studies be a little shorter each time.

We have used several Journey Through Learning Lapbooks in our home school. This is the first one we have done that connects with a resource like the Apologia book. Instead of researching on our own, or using the internet to find answers, we can find them right in the resource we are studying. I like that we actually don't have to be online at all to work on the lapbook, we just need our Apologia book, and the already printed out lesson plan. I am always looking for study tools that don't require the internet or even library books for us to work on. It helps the kids to be a bit more self sufficient in working on it as well.

My 3rd and 7th grader worked on this together. My 7th grader would read it to my son, and he would help write out some of the topics. She did a majority of the work, but he was sure good at gluing!

Hands on learning like this adds great dimension to learning. The Apologia science book is great in of itself, but adding in lapbooking to it, just gives it a more hands on approach and helps the kids to retain what they are learning. I know my kids are always welcoming to working with lapbooks.

Journey Through Learning has several selections of lapbook studies to choose from. Be sure to see what my crew mates thought of this and the other studies we reviewed by clicking on the banner below.

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