Thursday, March 23, 2017

Great Mother's Day Devotionals *Review

Never too early to start thinking about blessing the Moms in your life! Broadstreet Publishing has three new devotionals that would be perfect to help Moms stay in the Word.  Each of these is unique and inspirational.

Dated, 365 day devotional. Jump in right where you are on the date, and no worries if you miss a few. They are not connected and not necessary to feel behind! Mom's don't need that stress for sure. Written by Mom Kendra Smiley, the devotional is easy to fit into your daily schedule. One small page per day, includes a scripture verse, a short word of encouragement or story, and a question. Something extra from the story to get you thinking and applying it to your own life.
Kendra lives on a farm in Il, and uses some of her experiences from that to help share encouragement. She encourages you to be the best mom you can be!

Quiet Times for Busy Moms is broken down into 52 weekly studies. Choose a day of the week and this can be your devotion that day. Refresh it on a day later in the week. Each week begins with a scripture verse, many focused on children, or being a parent.
There is then a short story to go along with the scripture verse. The author Vicki Kuyper includes a written prayer you can read or recite. Finally there is a "Tip  to try" to have you take what you have learned and apply it to your life.

Release expectations, embrace imperfection, and connect to God's superpower. We don't have to be a Super Mom when we serve a Super God! This book has 14 chapters, and not designed with the daily, or weekly devotion. It would still work well for a devotional on how to ignite with God's superpower. Four steps include
Give up on measuring up
Get connected
Charge Up
Ignite with God's Superpower

Author Maggie Combs had three little boys in three years, and desires for discouraged moms to be freed from the prevalent expectations of society.
With her own personal stories, and humor, Maggie helps you realize that God really is the one to rely on.

All three of these books are available at Broadstreet Publishing.

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