Saturday, February 18, 2017

Praise A Creative Journaling Bible *Review

Praise a Creative Journaling Bible is a beautiful hardcover KJV Bible. It has over 300 illustrations by Laura Elizabeth Marshall already included for you to color and accessorize. For those of us who aren't skilled artists, it really  makes Bible journaling something within our reach. You just need to know how to color, and love the Word!

You can see that there is a narrow margin on the side, which has black lines. The bible pages go right to the top and bottom without much room for drawing there. The lines gives you room for note taking on pages that are not illustrated.

The pages are more like a typical Bible pages, so there is a little bit of shadow from the other side of the page with the illustrations. This is easy to cover with a 'tip in' or a paper covering it on the other side. They make already decorated margin papers you can washi tape in.

If there isn't a illustration directly on the other side, you don't get any shadowing, like the photo above.

Each book title page has great decorations and is a perfect place to start in coloring your Bible.

The illustrations do take the side margin, but do not interfere with the text of the Bible which is a plus. Some people choose to decorate over the words, but if you do not want to do that, the illustrations leave the text alone.

I love KJV bible for studying and reading and have really enjoyed the illustrations in this version. The page edges have a nice gold color to give it a traditional Bible feel.

The illustrator is the owner of an Etsy shop called DoodlingForDays .

It is published by Good Books an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing.

Pick up a copy for yourself on Amazon

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