Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Knowing Jesus the Essential Teen 365 Devotional ~Review

The Essential Teen
365 Devotional
Knowing Jesus.. the desire of every Christian's heart. This 365 devotional has Jesus each day. It is  numbered rather than dated, so you can begin the devotional at any time. Miss a day? Just jump back in where you left off, easy as that.. no guilt or catching up.
Each devotion covers one page. You will need a Bible to read the devotional as it suggest a scripture reading at the begin of each reading. This is where you will camp for the devotional.

Each day you will be reading several verses. Often there is a quote from one or two of the verses for reference and you can get an idea of where you might be reading for that day. After the reading there are sections titled; Answer the Following Questions, Ask Yourself, Consider these Questions. Some variation of a question section where the questions are asked about the reading done for that day. These aren't 'milk' questions either, but beginning to dig into the meat of the message. I love this about the devotion. It is applicable for both the new believer, and the seasoned believer.
The book mentions it is the Essential Teen devotion. There is rarely a mention of anything specifically teen related though. This devotional can easily be used by everyone. I love that it doesn't look at typical teen problems and try to dissect them, instead the focus is on Jesus.

The final section is the Respond. This is where you take a look internally and see if you are where you  need to be on this particular passage. Some responses are to pray, to consider, to even make lists. This last section is great to make it applicable to your own life.

The devotion is very focused on salvation through Jesus. It mentions having personal encounters with Jesus, and a saving faith. I found it to be very sound doctrinally, and again would really work for any age. I was planning to give it to my teen, but loved it so much I decided to keep it myself.

Pick up a copy from B&H Publishing HERE for $14.99

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  1. I didn't know this was out. I need a good devotional for the older boys as they are too old for the one I use with the littles. I will have to check this out the next time I am at the Christian bookstore.