Wednesday, January 18, 2017

KJV Expressions Bible *Review

When I first opened the package I thought to myself.. this is a beautiful Bible! Absolutely stunning edition. Beautiful brown with an embossed stripe on the front, this Bible can be used for any age, any gender.

This KJV Expressions Bible is just a bit smaller than my standard size bible, measuring at 6 1/2 by 7 1/4. Perfect size for carrying to church or Bible study.

This bible is a Journaling Bible, which means it has an extra wide 2 inch margin on each page. I am a note-taker when it comes to listening to sermons at church, or even podcasts. I love to record my thoughts on the passages and record them to come back to later. This KJV Expressions Bible has 2 columns of text per page which is unique. Many of the journaling Bibles I have reviewed have just one column of text, making for a thicker, larger Bible. This helps compact the Bible some for ease in carrying. The only difficulty with this is that you may not have enough room in the margin for all of the notes if you are in a particular passage of text that speaks to you. This could be true in the Bible's with one column of text as well. The Word is so full of wisdom, it is easy to need to use a journal for the lengthy notes.

One of the very best features I love about this Bible is it is a Red Letter Bible! I have yet to find a journaling Bible that includes Jesus words in Red. I have always loved this, and reverenced the red letters, knowing they are words my Jesus spoke. This feature alone makes this a 5 star Bible in my review.

I also very much like that it is a KJV Bible. I tend to read the NKJV for church and with our homeschool. I love to study the KJV as well. Having a variety of translations really makes you study the Word, and search it for yourself.

The pages in the KJV Expressions Bible are nice and thick, not your typical bible paper. This is great in using colored pencils and some gel pens and not having it bleed through to the other side.
There is a rise in Bible Journaling artistically where people are drawing pictures and getting creative in recording the message of God. These pages will hold glue sticks. tip ins, washi tape, stickers, etc that are used in Bible Journaling.
For now I am choosing to use it just for written notes during church and my learning. I want to use it as an heirloom to pass along to one of my kids and I know they will love the personalized, hand written notes in it.

It is printed in 8 point font, and I had no problem reading it.

The KJV Expression Bible comes in three bindings. Both black and tan are leather Bibles. There is also a floral, cloth, hardcover as well.
A stunning Bible!

Pick up a copy from
Hendrickson Publishing
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  1. What a beautiful Bible!! I love that it has red letters for Jesus's words as well. I just got a new journaling Bible and had never thought of using the margins for sermon notes. Great idea!!