Saturday, December 10, 2016

Whiffer Sniffer *Review #stockingstuffers

Launched by the Bearington Collection in April of 2015, Whiffer Sniffer backpack clips are available in different scents and characters and retail for $7.99. The clips are a collection that is easily shared and displayed on backpacks, or in our the diaper bag!

“It’s a collectible kids relate to instantly, and the scents remind them of everything from freshly baked cookies to their favorite banana taffy,” said Jon Bailey, Vice President, Whiffer Sniffers. “There’s also a sense of nostalgia with the parents that had a scratch n’ sniff sticker collection in the 80’s.”
Do you remember those? I still have some in a sticker book and they still smell!

With new characters released each quarter, fans are continuously growing their collection. Each series has special edition and ultra-rare characters that can only be found in mystery blind packs.

Recently awarded one of the coveted ‘Top Toys for Kids for the Holidays, 2016’ by The Toy Insider Magazine, the demand for these fun and lovable clips is sure to continue throughout the holiday season, well into the new year and beyond. We found Huey Gooey in our  mystery pack!

Whiffer Sniffers is currently on Series 3 which includes some super yummy characters! We have yet to find one that didn't smell great!!

Recommended for ages 3+, Whiffer Sniffers are available for purchase in specialty retailers and online at

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