Monday, December 12, 2016

Nocturnals The Ominous Eye *Review

Tracey Hecht

The Nocturnals are a misfit gang for sure! Bismark the sugar glider, Tobin the pangolin, and Dawn the fox are friends living in the forest. These friends live together in the forest.
Though this is book two in the series, I had no trouble jumping in and understanding in this story without having read the first one.
There is a mysterious animal that is terrorizing the forest. The friends are warned by a strange, three eyed animal called a tuataras. Named Polyphema , she  could see into the future. She warned the forest animals to leave the forest, claiming to see what the terrifying creature would do to all of them if they didn't.
The Nocturnals had no intention of leaving as this is their home and wanted to protect it for the other animals.
With a little spy work, the animals figure out what is truly going on.

I thought this was a fun book, and the illustrations really  made it come alive. There is always something fun about getting into the mind of an animal and their lives. This was even more exciting with the rare animals that the author used.

Great story line, and I look forward to sharing this series with my kids.

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