Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Driven by Eternity 40 day Devotional by John Bevere ~Review

With the New Year upon us, it gives us an opportunity to hit the reset button. I know many think of New Years resolutions that revolve around losing weight, or spending less money. What about your spiritual health? What is driving you spiritually? Now is the perfect time to pick up the 40 day devotional by John Bevere,  Driven by Eternity

This is a small, hardback book that is not daunting to commit to for 40 days. The daily reading will take you through snippets of his book with the same title. (which I have on my to be read pile!). Pray first, and get excited to focus your  mind on things eternal. Each days reading will take maybe 15 minutes. Each devotion you are given a scripture included in the text. There then is a short devotional story that takes scripture and applies it to us today. There are additional scriptures, again included so you don't even have to look them up.

An eternal truth is highlighted in a blue box for you to meditate on and remember throughout the day. There are a few questions after each devotion to get you thinking on things eternal as well.

John Bevere has included a prayer with each devotional that I choose to read out loud at the end of the reading. Speaking the scripture often out loud as well. My kids can benefit from hearing prayers and scriptures during my devotions I figure.

"Eternal life is simply to know Jesus, put our trust in His work instead of ours and follow Him to the end. "

Move toward eternity, making your life count today and forever.

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  1. I love starting new devotionals in the new year. Thanks for sharing.