Monday, November 21, 2016

Where Jesus Slept

Written by Norma Lewis
Illustrated by Katy Hudson

In a sing song, repetition style, Norma Lewis tells the Christmas story through the bed where Jesus slept. The story begins with "This is the Bed where Jesus slept". Added to it are Straw in his bed, a cow eating the straw, the cow living in the stable, Mary in the stable.. the story goes on. Connecting each of the elements back to Jesus being in his straw lined manger. With the repetition, an older child will start to see the pattern and be able to 'read along' with the story teller. My toddlers main interest was in finding all of the animals and letting me know the sounds they made.

Of course she would look for the baby as well. The baby for which we celebrate the season.
I loved the repetitious nature of this book, with the building upon itself. It felt like it could even be in a song form. The illustrations were bright and colorful.
I really prefer for my kids to have Christmas books that reflect the true meaning. This book is definitely one of those. The shepherds and Wise men come to visit and by the last page you have the well known Nativity Scene.
Great book for reading along with a play nativity as you have your toddler recreate the story.
Be sure to pick up a copy for your little ones this Christmas season!

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