Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Love Letters from God *Review

Glenys Nellist
Illustrated by Rachel Clowes

This heartwarming lift the flap picture book leads the listener through seven stories leading up to Christmas.
Isaiah's Good News
Mary's Song
Joseph's Dream
Jesus Joy!
Shepherd's Surprise
Wise Men's Wonder

Each story is the perfect length for a bedtime or devotional story. At the end of each story is Your Love Letter from God. This is a lift the flap with a letter underneath.

I am not real keen on putting words into God's mouth, so I am really not sure I care for the love letter from God. I find that the book would have been just as meaningful without. There is also a perfect promise from God after each story.

I absolutely loved how the Wise Men story was illustrated, with the Wise Men coming when Jesus was a toddler. Loved the accuracy of this, though I do understand how for sake of the length of the book, and timing that they put the wise men with the manger. I just really appreciate the small details to put them with Jesus as a youngster instead of newborn.

Keep the true meaning of Christmas with this beautiful book!

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