Monday, November 28, 2016

A Time to Triumph How to Win the War Ahead *Review

How to Win the War Ahead
Chuck D. Pierce

We are living in one of the most violent, chaotic and permissive times in history--and each year the darkness looms larger. In the face of such overwhelming evil, what can we do?

In this empowering and practical book, Chuck D. Pierce--one of the most accurate prophets ministering today--shows how you can be part of God's Kingdom army, and identifies the supernatural weapons you have at your fingertips. Offering a glimpse into what lies ahead, specifically the years 2016-2026, he explains
· how the Antichrist system is aligning with existing government structures
· Israel's, China's and Russia's crucial roles in world events and the end times
· prophecies fulfilled through the blood moons
· the coming harvest in the Church
· and much more!

Many kingdoms are vying to rule. As believers in Jesus Christ, we must stand strong and know the spiritual forces we are facing. The war will intensify, but the best for God's children lies on the road ahead. We can enjoy peace in the midst of confusion and be part of God's redemptive plan for the world.

I do attend an 'end times' church that is well aware that our days are getting shorter, and we look at the Word and compare to things happening in the world today to see prophesy be fulfilled.
This book went right along with some of the prophesies that my pastor has spoken about lately, and it was a good confirmation for me to continue to learn and study, yet at the same time, to have the peace of knowing that God wins.

Chapter titles include;
A Prophetic Portal into the Future
Shifting into the War Ahead
A New Mindskin for a New Wineskin
Why Christians must Learn War
Authority to Overthrow Iniquitous Thrones
A Triumphant Army Arising
Overcomers of the Covenant War
The War over One New Man
The War of Religion
What Will Come of Me?

The author asks "As you read this book, I ask you to ponder what you are reading and what is happening in your environment and in the world." This book helps you to gather the information about what is happening in the world and is very helpful. We are in a battle, and though I didn't agree with everything in the book, I did appreciate the challenges to dig deeper into a few aspects. The author does quote a couple of his other works quite a bit, but does include quotes from other authors I did recognize such as Dutch Sheets.

Any book other than the Bible needs to be questioned and prayed about. I really found this book insightful and it opened my eyes and gave confirmation to many things I have been praying and thinking about.

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