Monday, October 24, 2016

NKJV Reader's Bible *Review

NKJV Reader's Bible has been a great asset to my daily Bible reading time. It flows so smoothly from chapter to chapter without any number connotation. I felt like it read more like the Holy Spirit would have breathed it into the author, given the original Word was not broken up into chapters and verses. I researched online to find that it was in 1227 that the Bible was divided into chapters, for the sake of convenience. The verse connotation was  not added until 1551. These were added in simply for ease in quoting and for reference. Admittedly it is much easier to quote a reference with an 'address' to refer to. Makes it much easier to find a verse in a large book such as Isaiah when you have the chapter and verse to quote.

The divisions are human made though, and often you will be reading and go into a new chapter, yet the thought that was being conveyed, continues. There are some places that the breaks could have been done differently. This is why I am really loving reading the NKJV Reader's Bible for my private devotion time.

The chapter is noted at the bottom of the page so you can still use it to follow along with at church. The chapter begins anew with a bolded, larger print letter.

I compared both my NKJV Bible and the Reader's Bible and they were accurate as far as the language. Word for word, just without the numbers.

Complete with helpful maps at the back of the bible.

This is a stunning Bible! It is imitation leather and is approximately 8.5 by 6. There is even a small margin on the sides if you wanted to take notes. I have opted to keep this Bible free of writing, underlining, or note taking. I have other Bibles that are more geared for that. I wanted this as a nice, clean, easy to read copy that is focused solely on the Word of God.

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  1. Where did you get this bible from ? I LOVE reviewing Bibles, you should check out all the ones I have reviewed ;) .

  2. This one is from B&H Publishing. I absolutely love it!