Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Jesus A 365 Day Devotional *Review #Zonderkidz

Jesus A 365 Day Devotional is geared for ages 8 to 12. Each of the devotionals lead the reader to see Jesus, and not just in the New Testament. Jesus is mentioned often in the Old Testament and I love how this devotional points that out.

Each day's entry starts with a scripture, entirely written out and the reference. There is then a small devotion that relates to the scripture verse. The devotion asks the reader to picture themselves in a situation, and then relates the Bible story with it. Each one of them had a primary focus on Jesus. These aren't devotions on how to get along at school, how to listen to your parents, how to avoid bullies, how to be a better person. They are all focused on Jesus and I love it! So many devotions we have run into for young people are really heavily focused on school and doing things in that setting. My children are homeschooled and those style of devotions are really lost on them. Jesus, is just that, the focus in this 365 days.

The days are simply numbered, not dated. This helps if you miss a day, you aren't technically behind. Also you can start at any time of the year.

After the devotion there is a short prayer. I have been reading these with my 8 year old and it has really whetted his appetite for discussion on Jesus. We often add more to the prayer as well.

I highly recommend this study for both boys and girls, as it is beautiful for both. Jesus... simply Jesus, yet magnificently Jesus!

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