Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Good Good Father Children's Book *Review

If you have been to a contemporary worship service, or listen to a Christian radio station, you probably have heard Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin. A beautiful song about our God and what a good father He is to us. The thought of our father being so good, lends itself well to a children's book with the same title. Written by Chris Tomlin and lyrics writer Pat Barrett.

This story is about a bear named Tucker who wants to help out the friends in his town. He is encouraged to go visit the King for advise, but to take a gift to him. Each group of animals he encounters along the way gives him an additional gift to take to the King. The king's door is always open, oh how wonderful that is as our God's door is always open as well.
As you gather, none of the gifts are actually needed for the King, but little Tucker himself is the best gift of all.

Such a darling book relating Tucker and the King to us and our heavenly King. My two year old loved seeing the pictures of the animals, and my older children loved making the comparisons to what they know about their Father in Heaven.

Darling book that will make you want to put on the song after you read the book! Sing along and recall what a Good Good Father we have.

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