Thursday, October 27, 2016

Beautiful Picture books by Britta Teckentrup *Review

Britta Teckentrup is a beloved author and illustrator born in Hamburg. Her style is unique and simple in these two beautiful children's books.
Geared to ages 4-8 Oskar loves is about a crow and all of the things he loves. He loves all types of descriptive, tangible things like soft green grass, deep blue ocean and sweet red cherries. Perfect for working with preschoolers and their colors. Oskar also loves the smell of spring, losing himself in books, and walking in moonlight. Each thing Oskar loves is printed on one page, with the illustration on the connecting page. They are simple things, yet really make the reader stop and embrace the world around them. Beautiful story!

I also was able to read Britta Teckentrup previous release Before I Wake Up... This is a gorgeous book about all of the dreams a little girl has before she wakes up. She imagines worlds, along with her friend the lion, to have a full out adventure while she sleeps. Bretta uses a collage like art work in this book and my photos don't do it justice. I love that there are even a couple pages with just illustration and no words. This is one of those books where the illustrations really tell the story.
The lion in the story helps the little girl to feel safe as they travel through storms. They sing together and that makes them strong.

The little girl diving into the ocean with the Jelly Fish is one of my favorite illustrations. The lion sits in the boat on the top of the water while the little girl explores.
She is 'so full of emotion', which is what these illustrations really bring to light. Emotion!

The publishers are outstanding in their binding the books. They are not going to fall apart with the excellent stitching. These books will hold up for many years to pass along to others.

Follow Britta on Twitter @bteckentrup  and many thanks to @Prestel_us Prestel Publishing for these beautiful hardcopy books!

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