Friday, October 28, 2016

Arbordale Publishing *Review

One of our favorite publishers for educational children's books is Arbordale Publishing. They have a great selection of books that are very helpful to homeschooling. With a limited time this fall I just chose two of their books to review.
Tuktuk Tundra Tale and Animal Legs from their fall releases fit in perfectly with what we were currently studying.
Much more than picture books, Arbordale books have helpful activity pages at the back of the book for additional learning. You can find even more activities free online.

Tuk Tuk Tundra Tale
By Robin Currie
Illustrated by Phyllis Saroff

This fun book centers on a lemming who found a lost boot, or a furry kamik. He wants to use it for his home for the winter, but he finds many other arctic animals along the way that think they would like to have the kamik for themselves. The little lemming is a sneaky little guy and manages to convince each of the other animals that the kamik isn't for them. He finds a a polar bear, arctic fox, and a caribou all ready to take his boot!

Though told in story mode, this book is very educational as well as fun. The activity section of the book talks about the polar seasons, arctic skies, and some fun facts about the animals who live in the arctic. They title this section "For Creative Minds", and it also has a vocabulary section that helps to further define some of the words used in the story.

Animal Legs
By Mary Holland
Excellent science title, looking at animal legs!
Did you know that backswimmer insects have three pair of legs and each set has a different job to do?
These fun insects as well as caterpillars and praying mantis are shown in all of their splendor thanks to photography by Mary Holland.
Mary explains what is special about the animals legs. Some frogs have sticky toe pads that help them hang on. Hawks have strong talons on their feet for grasping prey. Skunks, turtles, otters are just a few of the amazing animals who have something special about their legs and feet.
My two year old was mesmerized by the pictures of the animals, even if she didn't really understand the amazement of their legs.

The For Creative Mind section takes a look at special feet and what the legs can do. There is a match up activity to match the photo with what the animal an do. (just be sure to cover up the answers at the bottom of the page).
Matching the animal feet to the animal was a fun activity as well. We have enjoyed this series of animals by Mary Holland including Animal Mouths and Animal Eyes.

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