Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Illustrator's Notetaking Bible HCSB *Review

I was so excited to receive The Illustrator's Notetaking Bible! This bible has two wonderful applications that I have enjoyed recently in separate bibles. Wide, lined margins for note taking and illustrations for coloring.

The illustrations are varied and include images like these so you can do a complete illustration along with the scripture.

There are also some designs for coloring like these;

 In between books of the Bible there are complete,who page designs that you can color as well, just to add more color and character to your Bible.

There are many pages through out for writing down your notes and thoughts as well.

I have several Bibles, each for a different study I might be doing, or a specific hobby I am working on. I find that having a Bible to write notes in, and color in, makes an excellent heirloom for my children. As I read through the Word, I can jot notes and date them. Also they will have a record of some of my creative coloring work. I am not talented enough to take a notetaking Bible and turn it into a work of art on my own. I personally need the outlines to color to make it look nice. The illustrations are in a light gray, so you can easily add a different color over them if you choose. This Bible will keep you busy for awhile!

The Illustrator's Notetaking Bible is in the Holman Christian Standard Bible version, HCSB.
There are over 600 images to color, along with the personal space in the margin to write notes or dates. I appreciate that the margins are lined for organized notes.

My children and I have taken to using notetaking Bibles during our morning homeschool Bible time. As they learn about different things in the Bible more indepth, they can write notes to help them remember. It also helps them stay occupied to have something to color as they go. I would love to see a Children's Illustrated Notetaking Bible!

The Bible is 8.5 by 6.6 and has nice thick pages. These are not your typical thin, Bible pages. The pages hold up to colored pencils and some markers meant to not bleed through.

I absolutely love this Bible!

You can get yours at B&H Publishing Group HERE

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