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FlipStir Puzzle Review

FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

Enlivenze LLC has some great 3D puzzles including the FlipStir Puzzle Tyrannosaurus Rex which we recently reviewed.
FlipStir Puzzles Reviews
Geared for ages 7 and up, this puzzle is unique in that it is all self contained. This unique puzzle has 10 pieces, each with a part of the complete picture on it. They are in a cylindrical, enclosed container that has a wand attached to the lid to help maneuver the pieces.

Using gravity, the wand, and movement, you get the pieces in the correct order to make the picture which is conveniently pictured on the bottom of the FlipStir Puzzle.

 This guy is 8, and it was certainly more of a challenge for him to work the puzzle than his 14 year old brother. He was glad to keep the box around as he really liked looking at the photo on the box rather than on the bottom of the FlipStir Puzzle.

It took him maybe 20 mins to complete the puzzle. He was so proud to have figured it out. I think it would be fun to set a timer and see if he can do it quicker each time. This would be perfect to have a contest with the kids to see who can do it the quickest, and even include Dad in the challenge.

These puzzles help teach critical thinking, and special relations. There are 2 puzzles in Level 1, including this T-Rex. The other is Rainbow Pencils. There are 3 puzzles in Level 2. They include The Statue of Liberty, The Periodic Table, and The Solar System.

No pieces to loose! Great for road trips, or those 'waiting times'. Small enough to put in a purse or bag for on the go. I love having things for my kids to do if we are waiting in the doctor office, and this is great for a variety of ages.

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See some of the other puzzles in action by clicking on the banner below.

FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

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It's nicely portable isn't it? We liked this puzzle too.

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