Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Surprizamals Stuffed Animal Surprises! *Review

Surprizamals Stuffed Animals

From the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company, these plastic balls are carrying a surprise for everyone! What a collectible that is cute and plush! Every time you open one, you get a surprise plush animal.
Every kid loves the element of surprise. I know my kids were super excited to see what was inside their surprizaball.

Well crafted, little plush wonders. These little surprizamals are super cute and furry!

 These really are the softest and cutest small stuffies I have seen in a long time. Look at my little ones face when she opened hers!

There are 12 stuffed animals in this series, with more to launch this coming fall. Each Surprizamal is rated Common, Collector, Rare or Ultra Rare depending on how many are in circulation.
They retail from $2.99 to $4.99 which is a great price for those small items you need for Easter Baskets, Christmas Stockings, or even prizes for events or birthday parties.

Each Surprizamal comes with a sticker sheet. These were an extra special treat we didn't expect. The kids put them in their sticker books for safe keeping. The Surprizamals come with names but your little one can always change that. The names are cute however. Above we have Mary the lamb, Rex the Lion and Scruffy the dog.

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