Monday, June 20, 2016

Prepping For Goat Craziness

When we moved to KY 4 1/2 years ago, we had to sell our Dairy Goat herd, which was quite devastating at the time. Goats are just big pets to me and it was so hard to get rid of all of them, many for rock bottom prices.
I have been hesitant to start another herd, knowing how much work it truly is. We have our 2 token goats that are basic weed eaters, but we don't do much with them.
Hubby has always been a 'farmer' and only having 2 goats is not giving him his love of farming that he really needs. We recently sold the cow we had and now there isn't anything really eating the pasture and hay.
After much family discussion, we have decided to get back into dairy goats. The younger kids need that farming experience right along with their Dad.
I am going to have to dig all of my goat books back out and try to relearn what I have forgotten in the past 4 years.
We have 4 girls and our buck coming back with Hubby from Ohio in 2 days!

Can't wait to share pictures and info as I relearn how to be a Goat Mama!

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