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Memoria Press Fourth Grade Literature *The Blue Fairy Book ~Review

Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

Memoria Press literature guides have long been a staple in our home for comprehension of reading some of the great classics.

Fourth Grade Literature Guide Set includes both the student guide and teacher manual for these four novels.  Cricket in Times Square, Homer Price, The Blue Fairy Book,  Dangerous Journey
The student guide is consumable as your student will record their answers in this guide. The teacher manual however has the answers to the student guide, so the teacher wouldn't have to read the book necessarily.

Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

These books can be done in any order, so we chose to start with The Blue Fairy Book which is a collection of fairy tales.

The Literature Guide for The Blue Fairy does not have a corresponding lesson for each story. We chose to read the ones that had a lesson for it. We found that many of them were the 'familiar' stories that we have heard before, or so we thought. These are the original tales, not the commercialized ones by Disney. That made it all the more fun to see the original piece.

There are 10 stories included in the literature guide. Each lesson is 2 pages in length. It has a Reading Notes section where there are some 'tricky' words defined. Then there is a Vocabulary section where the student matches the word in the sentence with it's meaning, but use of comprehension within the sentence. Then there are Comprehension Questions that see how well the story was read. Shiloh and I read the stories together because there were quite a few words that she hadn't heard before and struggled to read. We were able to read each story in one sitting and it was enjoyable to do together.
There is a Discussion Questions section where we talked a little more in depth about the story. Finally an Enrichment section that pressed us even further in thought.

The Blue Fairy literature guide does not have quizzes in it. Homer Price has 2 quizzes and a final test.

These book selections were a little hard for my 11 year old. Memoria Press seeks to get kids to read above their ability , "Children who are asked to read slightly above their comfort level will develop into superior readers." My daughter wouldn't normally choose these books, given they are a little harder for her to read. She like other kids are drawn to some of the newer, watered down stories, or what Charlotte Mason likes to call them, "Twaddle". Books that are watered down, talk down to a child, easy readers, stale, lacking in good literature. Memoria Press does not use any twaddle in their selections!
I have a 14 year old who does not like reading at all. I am thinking of having him read Homer Price and work on the literature guide with that. Because of his lack of reading, it will be plenty hard enough for him, but I need to get him away from just reading graphic novels. The additional quizzes and tests with this one seem like it would be helpful as well.
With Homer Price, The Cricket in Times Square, and Dangerous Journey; the literature guide goes by chapter. I plan to have my daughter read each of these so that we can move up to the 5th grade level this next fall.

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Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

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