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Exclusive High School Diploma Review offers a full line of graduation products, including the Exclusive High School Diploma. We were asked to go through the process of ordering our diploma. I chose the Personalized Homeschool Diploma with Deluxe Cover. The process of ordering is very straight forward and organized. You simply go through and answer each question as you design your diploma.
The authenticity of this diploma is beautiful! I know many home schoolers who simply print off a certificate on the computer and present it to their students, and that is fine. I find that offers the professional diploma that I think all home school kids and their parents deserve.  My second son actually needed his diploma to register for some medical classes outside of college, and I was thrilled that I had chosen to purchase a diploma for him, and he was able to look professional when registering for his class.

Exclusive High School Diploma Review

You begin with choosing your center seal. This is an actual seal, not just printed on the paper, which I really loved. Next you put in their full name, and the name of the school. The name of the school is arched at the top of the diploma. We have had a name for our school since the beginning. If you don't, I strongly recommend choosing one for your school that way you can use it on not only the diploma but any other materials that you may  need for record keeping and state requirements.

Next you choose the wording which is the section under the word diploma and then after the student's name. There are options for honors to be placed there as well. You then have the option to include a verse or motto just above the seal. You then include the date, with the option to just have the month and year. I appreciated that as I was uncertain when our actual ceremony would be. The lines at the bottom are for signatures of the teacher/administrator. I chose to not have the names written underneath, but instead just going to sign them prior to giving him his diploma.

There were two choices for paper style and for lettering of the student's name. After that you get to designate how you want the diploma cover. There are several cover options in both color and what is printed. You also have the option of having it personalized with the student's name or school for an additional fee.

At the end of the order you can choose some add ons such as a wallet size diploma. I thought those would be great for carrying in your wallet. offers much more than just diplomas. You can purchase your announcements, cap and gown, tassels, open house invitations and more. Interested in class rings? They have those as well! No need for our homeschool students to miss out on any of the regalia that we had in public school.

We used this same company three years ago when our first son graduated. The quality is just unsurpassed.

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Exclusive High School Diploma Review

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