Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Experience the Holy Spirit *Review

Experience the Holy Spirit in Everyday Life
Sarah Bowling

Just as I am diving into the Word to study the Holy Spirit more effectively, this book title comes across my computer. God is so good! Heavenly Help is an outstanding look at the Holy Spirit and how we can experience Him in our daily life.

The Holy Spirit is a He, not an it. He isn't an "ethereal vapor", but a "concrete reality".
The most forgotten of the three as my pastor often says. Sarah Bowling helps us to get a realistic grasp of who the Holy Spirit is, and the gifts He imparts to us.
Sarah was raised in a charismatic, spirit filled church as her parents were both in the ministry. She herself had to take a step back and evaluate the things she saw and learned. I feel God really used her upbringing to give her a background in the gifts, and the ability to share them with her readers through her experience and study.

Each chapter begins with a well noted Christian author or speaker, and a scripture verse. It ends with a section of Inspect, Reflect, Apply where you can use these questions to dig in more on your own, or even with a group study. After this is a allegory with two characters Ruth and Naomi that links the topic to a fictional story for our better understanding.

The primary scripture focus is from John 14-16 during the last supper, when Jesus emphasizes the Holy Spirit with his beloved friends.

The Spirit of Truth, or The Helper as Jesus introduces Him to us, provides;
Illumination where there is darkness
Clarity where there is obscurity
Transparency where there is blurriness
Awareness where there is ignorance
Presence where there is Absence page 66-67

This quote from the book really summed up to me what I need to get from this book, and from the Holy Spirit working through it.
"I have seen the gifts of the Holy Spirit demonstrated in remarkable ways over the course of many years, in many situations and with many people. In all fairness, I have to say that I have also seen people use manipulation and deception when it comes the gifts, claiming to have supernatural powers, insights and talents when they had none. Despite the existence of charlatans and imposters, let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater". YES!

The Holy Spirit is still working miracle, still showing up in our lives, still imparting gifts in the kingdom. He did in John 14-16, and He continues to this day. The Spirit has not changed, we the people are changing and shying away from what the Spirit can do.

Excellent book!!

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