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Devonian GREEMU Beauty Oil *Review

Greemu Devonian Review

Devonian has developed a new plant oil called GREEMU that is very similar to Emu oil. Emu oil is taken from the fat tissue of emu birds. It is very different than other oils and until now there has been no substitute for it's properties.
Many people rather not use animal byproducts in their beauty care. Devonian has developed a plant oil with butters that is very similar to the Emu oil in composition.

Greemu Devonian Review

GREEMU consists of Macademia Seed oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Rice Bran Oil. All natural, plant based ingredients.

GREEMU is not as absorbic as Emu oil, if you are using this to replace. You only need a couple small drops of the GREEMU, and it will need to absorb in. I like to use it night so it has time to absorb throughout the night and I am not feeling any greasiness when I am working on school work, especially with my hands.

Fine lines and wrinkles will lessen with daily use of GREEMU. I didn't use it on my face, as my face is typically oily or more 'normal', not dry. I did use it on my hands though and it helped them feel softer and reduced some of those fine lines.
You can also use GREEMU in your hair. It is supposed to restore manageability and reduce split ends. Again, my hair is really healthy so I didn't try it on my hair. Didn't want to use it up on that! I could see it working great for your hair though if that was a trouble area for you.
This 4 oz bottle will last for a long time, as you only use a couple drops at a time. It is easy to get too much at first, so think bare minimum to start out.

I love what Devonian says about one of their focus points:

"A primary focus of our company is the replacement of animal products with ingredients derived from plants. We firmly believe that suitable plant replacements can be found for anything currently derived from animals."

I am looking forward to additional plant based products from Devonian and their scientists.

Get 20% off until May 31st by entering coupon code GN395Z10
You can pick up a bottle from or Amazon.

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Greemu Devonian Review

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Adventure Bible Sticker and Activity Book *Review & Giveaway

Adventure Bible! One of our favorites for awesome illustrations and stories. Now you can place the stickers and do the activities
The pages are pretty glossy, and my daughter wanted to make sure that I put in my review that you shouldn't use markers because they don't work well. Crayons and pens seem to work great.

The activities don't go in chronological order, so it was nice to see Jesus on about the 6th page.
Activities include word finds, crossword puzzles, coloring pages, matching stickers, dot to dot, mazes and more.

Some of the stories covered are Noah's Ark, Ruth, Garden of Eden, the Good Samaritan, The Prodigal Son, Creation, Moses and more.

Geared for ages 4-10, and my 11 year old daughter still enjoyed it. Busy work with a Bible theme. A great activity book to keep your kids busy without electronics. I am always looking for activities to keep them educated, yet having fun. This workbook does just that.
Enter to win a copy for yourself!
Ends May 7, US only

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Berenstain Bears Bear County Fun Sticker & Activity Book *Review & Giveaway

Who doesn't love the Berenstain Bears? Now you can have an activity & sticker book with these fun bears and all of their antics. 32 pages of word finds, mazes, coloring pages and 50 reusable stickers.
Geared for ages 4-10, my 8 year old jumped right in. The activities are perfect for his age!

These activity books would be perfect for vacation or long car rides. I love to keep the kids busy doing something besides electronics. This is the perfect way to keep them entertained and educated.
I love how the Berenstain Bears share their faith as well. A Word find as the Bears head to church. A nature walk to see God's creation, and match the stickers. And a puzzle match as the bears pray for their food.

There is a great variety of activities in this full color book. The trouble will be keeping them from finishing it in one sitting! I let him dive in for the review but I'm hiding it until we go on vacation! It will the perfect thing to keep him entertained in the evenings when everyone else is reading or settling down for the night.
Enter to win your very own copy from Jubilee Reviews!
Ends May 7, US only

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I Can Read 2 Bible Stories *Review & Giveaway

Great Stories of the Bible and Heroes of the Bible Treasury will keep your kids reading this summer!

The I Can Read collections from Zonderkidz have 6 books in each. The stories are from the Adventure Bible and illustrated by David Miles.

Great Stories of the Bible includes

  • God's Great Creation
  • Noah’s Voyage
  • Joseph the Dreamer
  • Moses Leads the People
  • Ruth and Naomi
  • Brave Queen Esther

  • Heroes of the Bible Treasury includes

  •  Elijah and the Power of God
  • A King, A Statue and a Fiery Furnace
  • Miracles of Jesus
  • A Father’s Love
  • The Good Samaritan
  • Paul Deliver’s God’s Message

  • These will be released May 3, but you can preorder now! What an excellent way for the kids to keep up reading this summer. I have found these I Can Read series books to be great for an older sibling, or parent to read along with the student. Bible stories are always going to have names and words that are just a titch harder than they seem to be able to handle. Once they read through it with you once or twice, they will be good to go to read them on their own.

    The illustrations are wonderful, and The Adventure Bible is one we have long used for our family.
    Accurate Bible stories, these will be familiar to your child, and easily become some of their favorite stories. I love how Great Stories of the Bible includes both Ruth and Esther so young girls will love reading about these great women of the Bible.
    Enter to win this 2 pack of stories! Ends May 7, US only

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    Read with Me Bible for Little Ones *Review & Giveaway

    illustrated by Dennis Jones

    It is never too early to get your little ones in the Word. This has got to be one of my favorite Bibles for little ones. The padded board book is perfect for their little hands. It is not too short, but just the right size to cover both the Old and New Testament. It covers 8 stories. I love that it has Jesus ascension, and looking for His return.

    The illustrations are awesome! Dennis Jones is one of my favorite illustrator when it comes to capturing Bible stories in an eye catching way. They are so realistic that my toddler could even read that Goliath was worthy of a growl! It helps for non readers to have excellent illustrations that tell the story without the need for words, and this book has that.

    She can say Bible, and picks it up every morning. She sits on the couch with it to do her devotions right along her sister. This is a perfect toddler Bible. It isn't an easy reader Bible, so many of the words will be a bit tough for beginner readers. It is a read aloud style Bible.

    You can see her love of the illustrations just by her expression! She loves pointing out Jesus and really loves seeing baby Jesus.

    Making the word come alive for my 18 month old is priceless! Read with Me Bible for Little Ones is just what we needed to get her started.

    Enter to win one for the little one in your life!!
    Ends May 7, US Only

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    Counting Blessings by Eileen Spinelli *Review & Giveaway

    Eileen Spinelli
    Illustrated by Lee Holland
    Adorable little bunny is learning how to count his blessings!
    From 1 to 10, little bunny shares the abundant blessings from God.

    My 18 month old loves the gentle animals in this board book. She points out the toy elephant in each picture. So many common animals for her to see, as well as a koala bear which was something new and fun.

    The little bunny goes about his day, being thankful for friends, snacks, books, kisses and stars. Once they get through the 10 blessings, there is "so much more". I love how it doesn't stop there, but goes on to list other blessings like hugs, colors, birds, songs, grass, trees, leaves and more. Additional basic things to be thankful for that toddlers will understand and enjoy.

    Enter to win this Board Book from Zonderkidz by clicking on the link below! Ends May 7, US Only

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    Experience the Holy Spirit *Review

    Experience the Holy Spirit in Everyday Life
    Sarah Bowling

    Just as I am diving into the Word to study the Holy Spirit more effectively, this book title comes across my computer. God is so good! Heavenly Help is an outstanding look at the Holy Spirit and how we can experience Him in our daily life.

    The Holy Spirit is a He, not an it. He isn't an "ethereal vapor", but a "concrete reality".
    The most forgotten of the three as my pastor often says. Sarah Bowling helps us to get a realistic grasp of who the Holy Spirit is, and the gifts He imparts to us.
    Sarah was raised in a charismatic, spirit filled church as her parents were both in the ministry. She herself had to take a step back and evaluate the things she saw and learned. I feel God really used her upbringing to give her a background in the gifts, and the ability to share them with her readers through her experience and study.

    Each chapter begins with a well noted Christian author or speaker, and a scripture verse. It ends with a section of Inspect, Reflect, Apply where you can use these questions to dig in more on your own, or even with a group study. After this is a allegory with two characters Ruth and Naomi that links the topic to a fictional story for our better understanding.

    The primary scripture focus is from John 14-16 during the last supper, when Jesus emphasizes the Holy Spirit with his beloved friends.

    The Spirit of Truth, or The Helper as Jesus introduces Him to us, provides;
    Illumination where there is darkness
    Clarity where there is obscurity
    Transparency where there is blurriness
    Awareness where there is ignorance
    Presence where there is Absence page 66-67

    This quote from the book really summed up to me what I need to get from this book, and from the Holy Spirit working through it.
    "I have seen the gifts of the Holy Spirit demonstrated in remarkable ways over the course of many years, in many situations and with many people. In all fairness, I have to say that I have also seen people use manipulation and deception when it comes the gifts, claiming to have supernatural powers, insights and talents when they had none. Despite the existence of charlatans and imposters, let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater". YES!

    The Holy Spirit is still working miracle, still showing up in our lives, still imparting gifts in the kingdom. He did in John 14-16, and He continues to this day. The Spirit has not changed, we the people are changing and shying away from what the Spirit can do.

    Excellent book!!

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    Friday, April 22, 2016

    Writers in Residence with Debra Bell *Review

    Apologia: Writers in Residence Review

    Apologia Educational Ministries and Debra Bell's writing courses have long been a favorite of ours.
     Writers in Residence  new language arts curriculum has been a wonderful addition to our writing.
    Learning to write, and enjoying it has been difficult for my kids. They are just not natural born writers. We have used some of Debra Bell's writing prompts before and the kids have always enjoyed them. Writers in Residence combines writing, grammar, as well as sentence structure, capitalization and punctuation. All these are great for review even if your student has learned them. This program is geared for middle school, grades 4th through 8th. My 5th grade daughter was my reviewer for this program. The book is consumable so you will need to purchase additional workbooks for students, but the answer key is reusable.

    Apologia: Writers in Residence Review

    This writing program was easy to jump right in to. There was no prelearning for the teacher, or gathering supplies to get started. I loved the ease of that.
    There are 6 units, with 24 modules within those. The writing tasks follow four concepts for writing. Rather than teaching traditional forms like expository, persuasive and narrative writing. Writers in Residence focuses on: I Remember, I Imagine, I Investigate, and I think. These are much more conducive to a beginning writer.
    There is a suggested four day a week schedule in the front of the book. If you follow it, you will be done in 32 weeks.
    At the beginning of each unit we are introduced to an author and some of their works. The student also models their writing after specific works such as Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan, and When I was Young in the Mountains by Cynthia Rylant. These are easy to find at the library or you may even have them in your own collection. I love how the program uses published literature to model the writing after, and includes excerpts to show the students.
    So far we have learned about Proper nouns, Subjects, Predicates, Chronological order, parts of speech, clause and phrase, and conjunctions. I love how these are integrated into our writing assignment for the day. Writing and grammar are intertwined, giving a whole language approach to writing.
    The first big writing assignment was about writing memories of when you were young. A place that you went that you remember. This was a little bit hard for my daughter as we don't really travel or go on vacation. The things she has done, she didn't have enough recollection of to write about. We were able to remember when family came to visit us and we went to the State Park in town. Once we pulled out pictures (that was suggested), she was able to remember much  more about it. I loved watching her basic writing become more exciting as she switched up boring verbs for more active ones, and basic nouns for more specific ones.


    She was able to see the writing process as she went, and able to see it be refined into a finished work. That is really helpful I feel for a new writer.
    I am thrilled that this is only volume 1 of 4 that are slated to release! This is an excellent writing program that I plan to keep my daughter in, and to start my son when he is old enough.
    Each module has a checklist to keep track of scores and grading if you choose to utilize it.
    There is also a writing rubric for each large assignment.

    I am very pleased with the Writers in Residence from Apologia Educational Ministries and highly recommend it.

    Check out Apologia on these social media sites.

    Twitter: @apologiaworld

    See what other crew mates thought about Writers in Residence by clicking on the banner below.

    Apologia: Writers in Residence Review

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    Tuesday, April 19, 2016

    Launching the Africa Study Bible Kickstarter #LaunchASB

    Most Bible Study resources look at the Bible through Western Culture. The words chosen for the original Greek and Hebrew, as well as the situations are often foreign to the cultures of Africa.
    This Kickstarter campaign is taking the Bible to Africa with examples and texts that they can relate to. The Bible is being printed now in English through the New Living Translation. You can view some completed works of the Gospel of John by getting this app. Written by Africans for Africans,

    "While our goal is to eventually publish the Africa Study Bible (ASB) in all of Africa's major languages, it will initially be published in English using the New Living Translation followed by French and Portuguese translations in the years to come. By printing in these three languages, the ASB will have its greatest impact, reaching up to 70% of literate African Christians. "

    Today one in every four Christian is African! This number is increasing daily and what a blessing for the kingdom. They need resources that are relevant to them, so they can be discipled in the Word and be able to share with their friends and families.

    Join the Kickstarter Campaign and be a part of bringing the Africa Study Bible into fruition.

    "The Africa Study Bible bridges the gap of cultural understanding and Scriptural relevance by revealing the truth and beauty of God's Word through African eyes. 
    With the launch of this study Bible, Africans will have a resource that speaks directly to their heart, relating the Bible to their everyday life. "

    Not only will you be a blessing to the African people, you can get your own rewards based on how much you give. Join the Kickstarter campaign and receive great gifts like
    5X8 ASB inspired artwork, Advanced hardcopy of the book, or limited edition Bibles in genuine leather and goat skin.
    Much more important is the impact you will have on bringing the Word of God to the African people!

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    A+ Interactive Math *Review

    Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}

    There are times when I feel the kids could use a little more teaching in a specific area of math.
    A+ Interactive Math has just that in their new  Math Mini-Courses

    There are 20 mini courses now available for digital access. This is an internet program and you are given access to the mini course for a year. The prices range very reasonably from $9.99-$19.99 for a mini course. These courses are designed for one person.

    The first course we reviewed was Elementary Geometry. There are online videos, lessons, worksheets & tests, and online reports. We always began with the video lessons. We did have to decipher a bit how to get to the correct place on the lesson. As you can see in the photo below, you need to click on the folder on the left, and then find the correct point that you are at. It isn't easy at first glance to figure out where you left off, and with the titles of the lessons, it was a hit and miss for us to guess where we were unless we wrote it down.

    I used this with my 11 year old, and it was too basic for her. I should have gone with the advance geometry but for sake of review I had her keep going with it. The video voice is very robotic, and doesn't sound like a real person. I know some kids don't mind that, and others are not as found so I thought I should mention it. The video isn't that long to watch, and you can print out the lesson plans in color to reinforce what they are learning. After watching the video you have some questions to answer on the lesson. At the end of each video you have to press update lesson status to be complete, located in the top right corner. If you don't click on this it doesn't record that you have completed the lesson.  We didn't know this at first and were running into pop up errors that we didn't understand.

    The interactive question and answer section reads the question to you and offers up multiple choice options. They often have an "All of the above' for the last option. I often had to mark how many we got right and wrong at the closing of the questions as it didn't seem to record it well. Again there is a button to click on at the right top of the page where you fill in the blanks.

    There are 19 lessons in this mini course, and easily done in just four or five week. In just a short time you have utilized a topic specific program to bring your student the additional teaching they needed for success.

    There is a three page worksheet you can print out with each lesson. These are multiple choice with geometry. We chose to not print them, rather to just read them online and answer them.

    The second course we reviewed was Number Types and Conversions. There are 35 lessons in this and they cover a lot of material. This course was very similar to the Elementary Geometry in set up. And once you figure out the ins and outs it is fairly easy to use. My daughter would just do it on her own and yell if she needed help.

    One feature I really loved was having the option as the teacher to have reports generated. This is why it is important to make sure you have submitted the lesson for completion. I can see how my daughter did on each question and answer section, and it even keeps a running percentage for me of her grade. This was also helpful to see where we were in the video lessons if we weren't sure.

    I love how these are specific lessons geared toward problem areas, or areas you seem to be lacking in instruction. It is very helpful to our homeschool curriculum.

    See what my crew mates thought by clicking on the banner below. Also be sure to check out A+ Interactive Math on these social media sites.

    Twitter: @aplustutorsoft

    Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}

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