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Grapevine Studies with the New Testament *Review

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

The Easter season has been a great time to jump into Grapevine Studies and study New Testament Overview Part 1 which is the birth of John to Jesus' ministry.
Because of my age span, I chose to check out each of the different levels to see how well they worked together. We reviewed

 New Testament 1: Level 1 Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry
New Testament 1: Level 2 Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry
New Testament 1: Level 3 Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry
New Testament 1: Level 4 Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry

I just went down the line and assigned them according to ages. Level 1, age 8. Level 2, age 11. Level 3, age 14. Level 4 age 17

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

My kids are fairly well versed in the scriptures. We have been homeschooling since they were babies, and the main core of our schooling has always been the Word. We have dabbled in the Bible journaling craze that is going on as well, and the kids have enjoyed using Grapevine to get some more knowledge from drawing stick figures.
You can see with the graphic below that my ages were a little bit off, but we wanted to be sure to review each of the levels we received. I probably would have been fine using Level 2 for my 8 year old, and Level 4 for the 11 and 14, but that would have left my 17 year old uninvolved.

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

Each of my levels were in a digital format. I just saved them directly to the computer and printed out the ones we needed each morning for that day's lessons. It was suggested to use the teacher guide for level 3 and 4 to work with the kids as a group so I did that. I also had access to the teacher guide for the other grades as well if I needed it. It worked out fine to use level 3 and 4 teacher guide.

The levels were very similar to each other. We had no problem working together at each of the own levels.

We started with a timeline from Adam to Jesus to give a brief overview. Each lesson after that begins with a much narrower timeline. Each lesson is geared for 4 days a week to complete. Each day will only take  between 10-30 minutes as stated below in the schedule. We never really went over 20 minutes including reading the scripture verses.

Daily Schedule Weekly Schedule
Day 1: Timeline Review Page Timeline Review Page (5 -10 minutes)
Day 2: Lesson page 1 Lesson Pages 1 and 2 (30-35 minutes)
Day 3: Lesson page 2 Student Drawing Page (5-15 minutes)
Day 4: Student Drawing Page
The student drawing page is unique to level 1 where they may not be able to write out answers to questions, they can show what they learned artistically.

The teacher guide tells you exactly what to draw, and how to explain it to the students. Every thing you need is included in the guide. You do not have to be artistic at all with the stick figures. Some of my kids chose to add on to the basics and that is just fine. Allow them to make it their own and add their own artistic bend to it.

Level 1 allowed for the drawing page, and it gave more space for the individual pictures as well.
There is a memory verse included in each level. Level 2 has additional memory work for learning some facts about the Bible.

I didn't find much difference in Level 2 versus Level 3. The extra memory work is not included in Level 3 as it is in Level 2.

Level 4 was much too easy for my 17 year old, and would have been better suited for my 11 and 14 year old with extra activities. Level 4 is geared to ages 13 and up so I really should have known that. He did enjoy doing it however. It was fun for him to draw the stick figures and spend some time in the word with us. Level 4 has a Quest Page which had us utilize some Bible resources. We looked online at a Topical Bible, Bible Dictionary, and Concordance. These are really useful resources and I think they could have even been incorporated in level 3 as well.

There are many studies from both the Old and New Testament that you can purchase. This is a perfect way to get your kids started on daily jumping in the word, and help them retain it by drawing out what they are learning.
Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}


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Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

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