Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cleanliness with Great Clutter

There are 9 people living in our house. No, we don't have any unexpected guests.. that's just our nuclear family. That is 9 peoples clothes, dishes, trash, skin slough, and stuff to contain in one area.
Throw in all of their school supplies, (minus the kid who lives at college more than home right now), educational toys, dvds, books, and papers.

We are getting a bit cluttered around here!

The house is clean for the most part. We do dishes a couple times a day. We keep the washer going pretty much daily to keep Mt. Laundry from taking over. We wipe down counters, dust, sweep, vacuum. Clean the bathrooms on a not so regular basis. Yet with all that, there is still the clutter.

We can spend hours cleaning in the morning, just to have it go back to a state of chaos before bed. Admittedly I do get frustrated with it. I can't invite anyone over for lunch. The kids don't want to have sleep overs. I sometimes feel we are in a constant state of chaos.

I am given only so much time in a day. If I guard my time, I could get more done. I could delegate more to the kids. I could develop chore charts, time limits, and organizational tools to help me. I could.. but I won't. I have learned in my 43 years, that I am just not that kind of mom. I am not organized nor prone to complete perfection.

For me, guarding my time means more time in the Word. Putting God at the center.
Taking time to do devotions with  my kids and talk to them about the ways of the Lord.
To take time to stare into the big brown eyes of my 1 year old, and pray over her.

Right now that is what matters most.
Creating in my children, a clean heart; amidst the clutter

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