Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Blogging Funk.. back to Hupomone #wordoftheyear

 You ever get in that blogging funk?? Where you just really aren't sure what to share with your readers. No time for writing thought provoking articles. No time for working on reviews and giveaways. Do they really want to see pictures of random things?

That's where I am at with the blog right now. I am swamped with being a Mom and homeschooler. I love to do the giveaways and reviews, but time just hasn't allowed. I love to share great books with you, but I barely get time to read anymore.

I am still plugging away, reviewing for The Old Schoolhouse which I absolutely love. I have gotten super selective in what I review, just knowing the amount of time is needed into reviewing curriculum to give you an accurate review. We have had a fun time so far this year with the books and projects we are working on.

Hupomone was my word for the year. It means staying consistent. I need to get back to that, even in my blogging. I am looking toward writing a weekly post on the Names of God. I have so enjoyed learning the new names, as characteristics of God. I am hoping it will bless you as it is me.

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